The Hova-WHAT?!! Growth of obscure foreign dog breeds outstrips old favourites

Following reports about the decline of our Vulnerable Native Breeds the Kennel Club can reveal that some lesser known dog breeds of foreign origin, such as the Hovawart, Beauceron and Mexican Hairless, are having more luck in the popularity stakes. These are amongst the fastest growing in the UK, whilst old favourites such as the…

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Celebrity Handbag Dog Registrations Soar as Pug makes Top Ten for the First Time

(Kennel Club Release) For the first time ever, the Pug has made it into the Kennel Club’s official top 10 most popular pedigree dog breeds in the UK and sales of the Chihuahua have soared, indicating a general shift that is seeing so called ‘handbag’ dog breeds increase rapidly in popularity. The Kennel Club’s registration…

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Lost Dog: Brighton Area, East Sussex, UK

My friend’s dog Bella is still missing. Bella is a Chihuahua x Pug (‘Chug’) bitch, about 18 months old, jet black, extremely friendly and very sociable with all other dogs. She is presently ‘in season’ too. If found or you have any information regarding her whereabouts, please call Julie-Anne 07810523984 or Jon 07833374803. Thank you.