Lost Dog: Brighton Area, East Sussex, UK

My friend’s dog Bella is still missing. Bella is a Chihuahua x Pug (‘Chug’) bitch, about 18 months old, jet black, extremely friendly and very sociable with all other dogs. She is presently ‘in season’ too. If found or you have any information regarding her whereabouts, please call Julie-Anne 07810523984 or Jon 07833374803. Thank you.

Our Dogs Column: November Review

It’s six o’clock in the morning and I’m sitting in New York’s absolutely massive JFK Airport, a little bleary-eyed but honouring my monthly deadline and reflecting on what’s proved to be yet another full-on month of canine craziness. I was invited back over here to film another couple of episodes of ‘Seeking Secrets with Suzanne’,…

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