Cat’s Inside Out Eyelashes Mended by Mayhew Vets

(mayhew Press Release) Seven year-old Aslan (above) – a majestic silver grey Norwegian Forest cat – was found on the streets just around the corner from Mayhew. A member of the public spotted his unusual appearance and lack of collar, and noticing that Aslan’s eyes also looked weepy and sore, brought him straight to Mayhew for a check-up.

● Mayhew vets quickly discovered that Aslan was suffering from an eye condition called entropion, in which the lower eyelid naturally turns inwards. This was evident in both of Aslan’s eyes, though even more prominent on his right side.

● Entropion causes irritation as the eyelashes then rub the cornea, which if left untreated, can often cause ulcers and infections.

● Mayhew admitted Aslan to their clinic to perform corrective surgery in both eyes, a process that involves removing a small piece of skin on each eyelid, and closing the wounds with tiny stitches.

Mayhew vets also took a blood test to check for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukaemia Virus), cleaned Aslan’s ears and teeth, washed and brushed his coat, neutered him, and administered flea and worm treatment too.

Luckily for Aslan his surgery went smoothly, and he was then settled into a warm and cosy cabin in the Mayhew cattery to recover.

Although Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers had put posters up in the area Aslan was found, no one came forward to claim him – and without a microchip, they had no idea who or where his previous owners were. Given the state of his fur, teeth and nails when he arrived, Mayhew estimated he had possibly been straying for approximately two years.

Happily, Aslan’s surgical wounds healed quickly, although his blood tests returned a positive result for FIV – a virus which attacks the immune system. Thankfully, many cats with FIV will lead a relatively normal life if they are kept healthy and up to date with vaccinations, and providing any minor ailments are treated in a timely fashion to prevent an infection spreading.

Owners with FIV cats are also advised to keep their animals inside and in an enclosed garden, to stop them inadvertently infecting other cats through biting or scratching, although this behaviour is less likely once neutered.

Being an older, larger cat with a pre-existing condition and history of surgery, Mayhew had worried that Aslan would be waiting a while to find his forever home – but their fears were unfounded as a prospective new owner fell in love with him shortly after he was placed up for adoption!

Thanks to the care and expertise of Mayhew vets and cattery staff, Aslan’s eyelids are now fully healed, and he is just waiting for his new owners to have a home check before he can move in and become a part of their family.

Mayhew’s vet clinic has recently been awarded Cat Friendly Clinic status – an accreditation which highlights the high standard of cat care given by all members of staff in a clinic; from receptionists and technicians through to nurses and vets. Mayhew are incredibly proud to be a Cat Friendly Clinic, and look forward to helping even more animals just like Aslan.

To book an appointment for low cost neutering or vaccinations, please call Mayhew on 020 8962 8017 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday; and if you’re thinking of adopting a cat from Mayhew please click here.

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