TheraPaws dogs have a “marvel-ous” time meeting Spider-Man stars!

Volunteers and their dogs from Mayhew’s TheraPaws programme were paw-struck earlier this month, when they met not one but three incredible actors from the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home film!

The five dogs joined the young stars for a video interview with Collider, which is available to view in full here:

Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon relished the opportunity to chill out with Pops the sausage, Marcel ‘le corgi’, Doris, Frank, and Bismarck during a full day of press and media interviews at the end of June.

The stars even give the TheraPaws dogs new Marvel names and clearly felt the mood enhancing benefits of spending time with animals. Jacob is very excited when Doris climbs up for some strokes, and Tom says, “Thanks for this. It’s been a nice change of the day!”

TheraPaws is a dog therapy programme that works to improve wellbeing in our local community. Mayhew’s team of volunteers take their therapy dogs into care and residential homes, hospitals, hospices and day care centres to engage with residents, provide companionship, and brighten up their day.

Mayhew can also arrange for our TheraPaws dogs to visit corporate offices and organisations, to help staff destress, and encourage emotional wellbeing at work.

To find out more about Mayhew’s TheraPaws programme, please visit their website here.

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