Ariba! It’s Chihuahua hour at Battersea

(Battersea Press Release) Mexico has come to South London, as Battersea Dogs & Cats Home staff have been kept on their feet with the arrival of no less than 11 Chihuahuas in the space of one week.

It’s common to find a Chihuahua or two in Battersea’s kennels, but to have so many arrive in such a short space of time is very unusual. The chatter of Chihuahuas all arrived at the charity for a range of different reasons- some came in as strays, while others were brought in because their owners were no longer able to take care of them.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Dog Rehoming and Welfare Manager Becky Fisher said: “We’d normally expect to see one or two Chihuahuas come through our doors in a week, so to have 11 arrive is quite exceptional. We’re certainly all being kept on our toes by our little Chihuahua crowd!”

Last year Battersea’s three centres took in 91 Chihuahuas, with 51 arriving at the London site alone.

Becky Fisher said: “Although it’s very rare to see so many in at one time, it might surprise people to know that Chihuahuas are in the top 10 most common breeds that we see coming through our doors. This is partly because they’re such popular dogs in the wider community, but we also find people can underestimate them.

“Chihuahuas may be little, but they have big personalities. They’re generally full of energy and need to be exercised and mentally stimulated. As with any other breed, it’s also important to ensure they’re socialised properly with other dogs. Anyone looking to take on a Chihuahua needs to put a lot of thought into it, as they’re just as big a commitment as any other dog.”

Battersea’s current Chihuahuas clique range in ages. The youngest is 12-week-old white puppy, Little Paris who was brought in because her owners could no longer take care of her. The oldest is 11-year-old George, a chocolate coloured Chihuahua who came into Battersea as a stray.

Battersea’s current Chihuahuas residents have been very popular and all already have homes lined up. But the shelter regularly sees Chihuahuas coming through their doors looking for a home. To register your interest to rehome a little or large Battersea dog, call 0843 509 4444 or visit

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