New Memorial & Fencing for Puppy Park Mango’s Gate Unveiled 2.30pm Sun 27th Nov

(Withdog Press Release) Withdean Park Dog Walking Community (‘Withdog’) aim to socialise dogs and humans of all ages at the north Brighton ‘puppy park’. Their latest activity is a new memorial to Mango, a 10-month female Podengo rescued from The Algarve.

Sadly, Mango was run over and killed near Dyke Road Park in August after being startled by loud fireworks let off unexpectedly near a local dog-walking area.

Mango’s new gate will be un-veiled by volunteers, friends and supporters at 2.30pm this Sunday 27 November in the pet-safe green enclosure at Withdean Park. Everyone is welcome to join in and to comment on any issues that affect their pets.

A plaque on the new gate has the words ‘In loving memory of Mango (2015-2016). Paw prints on our hearts forever. This gate was paid for by public donations kindly raised by Helping Paws on behalf of Rich and Liz and Withdean Park Dog Walking Community’.


Karen Lippitt runs Helping Paws, a local organisation that brings stray dogs like Mango from Portugal to find new homes in the UK. Together with Mango’s owners, Helping Paws raised £700 to fund a new gate at the centre of the valley entrance to Withdean Park, and related projects.

Mango’s owners, Rich Calcutt and Liz Lamb said; “We’re so grateful for the community support that came forward after losing Mango. The funds we raised will help to ensure local dogs and their families have a safe place to play and run free.”

Brighton-based TV vet Marc Abraham commented; “Fireworks are a major problem for pets all year round. Unpredictable flashes and bangs often make pets anxious and occasionally, as in the tragic case of Mango, panic and flee.

“If you suspect fireworks will go off in your area please keep all pets indoors, provide a safe ‘den’, turn your TV or radio up, pull the curtains, and provide plenty of distractions with toys and treats. More severe cases may even require medication from your vet.”

Rhian White at Brighton Dogwatch has noted the rise in fireworks let off without warning for several months. Rhian said; “Pets go missing and we run Dogwatch Facebook campaigns to help find them.

“Unfortunately we have seen two dogs die needlessly in Brighton this autumn due to fireworks. Firework use should be limited to a few days a year so that people can protect their pets.”

To support the Withdog community and be involved in these issues, please follow online and join in by donating your time and skills as a volunteer. Members get full voting rights for £5 and sign up is easy here.

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