Puppy buyers share experience of finding, buying & rehoming puppies through national customer survey

(Naturewatch Foundation Press Release) As part of their mission to end suffering for breeding dogs and their puppies, a group of animal welfare organisations have launched The Great British Puppy Survey.

Created by Naturewatch Foundation, Canine Action UK, The Karlton Index, PupAid, C.A.R.I.A.D. and Hidden In-Sight, the questionnaire is believed to be the most comprehensive puppy buying survey in the UK.

Controversy over puppy farming has highlighted the need to understand industry and consumer practice. The Great British Puppy Survey reveals how people buy a puppy, how they made their choice and what outcomes they experienced.

Baby dog waiting the owner 4

Participants remain anonymous, but have a chance to share the story of finding, buying and homing their puppy, and of any problems they encountered.

Sharing the survey with a large number of recent puppy owners will reveal buying patterns to ascertain why the breeding and selling of puppies is flourishing in the UK.

A spokesperson for the groups says:

“I am delighted that we can look forward to data revealing how the British public buy puppies. We need clear evidence to support what we already know – that far too many puppies and dogs suffer needlessly at the hands of breeders and dealers who put profit ahead of welfare.

“This survey will provide much needed data to help us understand the problem and develop a better strategy for addressing puppy farming and the trade in poorly bred puppies.”

Around 4000 recent buyers have already completed the survey and anyone who has purchased a puppy in the UK in the last five years can take part here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/puppysurvey

The group will report on the data after the survey closes in January 2016.

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