Wood Green Asks Animal Lovers To Suspend Superstitions Around Black Cats This Halloween

(Wood Green Press Release) They’re the type of cat most likely featured in a spooky tale, or pictured riding on the back of a witch’s broomstick….so is that why they’re the most forgotten feline at Wood Green, The Animals Charity?

With just days to go before the spookiest time of the year – Halloween – staff at Wood Green’s headquarters in Godmanchester are asking more potential pet owners to consider providing a home to a beautiful black cat.

At any one time, the charity says its black cat intake is typically around a third of all felines staying at its centres. This can typically mean as many as 60 or more!


Juliette Jones (pictured above), who heads the cats department at the Cambridgeshire site, says visitors to the centre do seem to have rather a superstitious approach to considering a black cat.

“We’ve often talked about the curse of the black cat and why it is that people seem to believe that a black cat is bad luck,” said Juliette.

“Clearly this isn’t the case, and we’ve got some gorgeous black cats and kittens across our various Wood Green sites which are crying out for a perfect forever home in which they can make a new life.

“As this Halloween approaches, we currently have some 60 black cats of varying ages – and that’s not at all unusual.”

It’s not known exactly why these poor forgotten felines became the subject of this superstition, but some say that the Norse Love Goddess, Freya, turned two black cats into witches in reward for pulling her chariot.

In the Middle Ages, some believed that the devil himself turned into a black cat!

This Halloween, Wood Green is calling on feline-friendly-families to take a different view of the black cat and consider what joy one could bring.

“We would love to think that we could find plenty more homes for our many black cats,” added Juliette.

“They and other animals here at the charity’s centres are all seeking love and affection in a special home.”

For queries about rehoming or purchasing pets, you can always contact the Wood Green team on 0844 248 8181.

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