Illegal Pet Importers Must Face Up To Their Crimes Says Leading Rehoming Charity

(Wood Green Press Release) Wood Green, The Animals Charity, has responded to the news of a Peterborough woman appearing in court for illegal puppy importing.

Renata Rimkiene was ordered to pay £1,500, after pleading guilty to two separate counts of landing an animal with intent to evade rabies regulations.

Wendy Kruger (pictured below), of Wood Green, The Animals Charity, said: “Sadly, there are still too many incidences of people importing puppies illegally. These people do not consider the distress caused to the puppy, the future owner, or risks to UK pet healthy from not following the pet passport laws.


“As a charity, we are committed to educating the public about the safe and sensible rehoming of animals, so we are disappointed when we learn of those who feel they can take shortcuts and make money in the process.”

She added: “The long term implications of getting an animal through an inappropriate means can be significant in terms of disease and health as well as the ongoing effects a poor start has on the dogs behaviour.

“In addition, if their new pet is found to have been legally imported, an unsuspecting new owner can find themselves with a bill of thousands of pounds to pay for quarantine. If they are unable to cover this cost they will be forced to part with the puppy.”

Wood Green, which has its headquarters at Godmanchester in Cambridgeshire, rehomes thousands of animals every year and has seen an increase in cases where animals have been purchased via the internet and are subsequently rejected by disappointed new owners.

“It is so important that those who try to flout the law in terms of animal importing are brought to justice, and that would-be pet owners realize the single best way to acquire a new pet is via a registered animal rehoming facility of some kind, or via a registered breeder.

“I would stress to anyone seeking a particular breed of animal, that they should look to find that animal through a charity such as ours, or through a registered breeder.

“It simply isn’t worth taking the risk of turning to unscrupulous importers and unapproved breeders.”

For queries about rehoming or purchasing pets, you can always contact the Wood Green team on 0844 248 8181.

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