The World’s Biggest Whale & Dolphin Festival Returns to Brighton

(WhaleFest Press Release) On Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March 2015 the world’s biggest whale and dolphin festival, WhaleFest, will be returning to Brighton, East Sussex.

For the first time ever the festival, which attracts over 15,000 visitors from across the globe in just two days, will be held at The Brighton Centre after its rapid growth over the past few years.

Renowned as an international celebration of wild whales, dolphins and marine life that brings together charities, NGO’s, tour operators, whale watchers and families the weekend’s event is set to be the ultimate day out.

Featuring virtual whale watching, shark zones, celebrity speeches, educational workshops and many more exciting activities the festival is set to offer something for visitors of all ages.

Mother and Baby Orca - (Richard Boll Photography) copy

This year TV presenter, adventurer and author Steve Backshall is the festival’s Guest Director and other stars include award-wining TV presenter Michaela Strachan, wildlife cameraman and TV presenter Gordon Buchanan, adventurer and broadcaster Monty Halls, famous campaigner for dolphins and star of the Cove, Ric O’Barry as well as former SeaWorld trainer and star of the movie ‘Blackfish’, John Hargrove.

Together with a team of over 500 volunteers, WhaleFest is the dream realised for its Brighton based founders, Ian Rowlands and Dylan Walker. Ian is a former journalist and wildlife travel company director and Dylan is a former marine scientist and author of numerous books on whales and dolphins.

Commenting on WhaleFest, Co-founder Ian said:

“Every single day 1000 whales and dolphins are killed from what we do to our oceans. Some countries still hunt them. Many are taken into captivity. Intelligent, sociable, emotional, long lived, they are just like us, yet population declines and extinctions loom for these public-friendly icons of a fast-collapsing marine ecosystem.

“WhaleFest is the global gathering that gives whales and dolphins a more powerful voice. By being popular and entertaining we can touch the hearts and minds of an audience of millions of people and impact on the world’s decision makers.”

For more information on WhaleFest 2015 or to book tickets please visit

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