Don’t let a thoughtful gift for your partner spell disaster for your pet, animal charity warns

(Wood Green Press Release) With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it’s easy to get swept up in planning that big romantic gesture for your significant other.

However, pet experts at Wood Green, The Animals Charity, are urging owners to spare their furry loved ones a thought too as you gear-up for your night of romance.

wendy and terrier

To help ensure your Valentine’s Day celebrations don’t end in a trip to the vet, remember:

– A box of chocolates may be the perfect treat for a loved one, but could poison your dog, so make sure you keep them well out of paws reach to avoid disaster.

– If you or your loved one’s favourite flowers are lilies, remember that they are extremely toxic to cats and even the smallest sniff to a nosey feline can cause irritation to the gastrointestinal system.

– Stuffed toys that are not specifically designed for animals can also be dangerous. Not all fibres used to stuff toys are safe for your pets, and plastic pieces such as eyes can cause obstructions if swallowed. Do not give unwanted stuffed toys to your pets, especially if they like nothing more than a good chew.

– If you are using candles to create a romantic atmosphere, keep open flames well away from swishy tails and curious paws to prevent singed fur and burns.

Wood Green veteran dog trainer and welfare expert Wendy Kruger said: “We’d like to make sure everyone to have a safe and enjoyable Valentine’s Day this Saturday, showing love and consideration to all your nearest and dearest, whether they are on two legs or four.”

If you are still seeking a special Valentine to fuss this weekend, Wood Green currently has hundreds of lonely but lovely dogs, cats and small furries who would appreciate a little something from your heart this year.

To find out more about the Wood Green animals looking for loving homes now, please visit and to show them how much you care, please text “Wood Green” to 70300 to donate £3 to the charity – enough to help us keep a kitten safe and warm this February 14th.

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