Animal charity urges owners to responsibly relinquish their pets after taking in two abandoned dogs in need of TLC…

(Wood Green Press Release) Wood Green, The Animals Charity, has taken charge of two lovely but abandoned hounds that came to the charity in dire straits, both within 24hrs of each other. One was left tied-up outside the charity in the dead of night; the other found wondering the streets in a terribly thin condition.


Gentle lurcher Godfrey was abandoned at Wood Green’s Godmanchester HQ in the middle of the night on January 25. CCTV footage shows a van, with its number plates covered, pulling up to the centre – Godfrey was then ushered out by a man with his face disguised and was tied to a post before they drove off.

Our security team was then alerted and rushed to bring Godfrey in from the cold.

godfrey and WG rehomer


Malnourished Pixie was delivered to Wood Green on the morning of January 26. She was found wondering in fields outside Burwell, Cambridgeshire, and a local council worker took her to a nearby vet practice, and she was then brought to Wood Green.

The saluki arrived looking very thin, at nearly a stone underweight, as well as suffering from extensive sores on her tummy. However, she was immediately curious and very sweet, stopping for a fuss with everyone she met.

Despite the circumstances they found themselves in, both dogs are incredibly gentle and loving. Godfrey is now looking for a loving new home and Pixie will soon be available for rehoming.

pixie2 (1)

Talk to us

Wood Green is keen to urge owners struggling to look after their pets to come in and talk to our dedicated welfare staff about the process of rehoming an animal, rather than leaving it with nowhere to go.

Linda Cantle, Wood Green’s director of animal welfare and rehoming, said: “It is deeply upsetting both Godfrey and Pixie’s owners could no longer care for them – they are both beautifully natured, loving dogs – and we do understand people cannot always continue to provide on-going care for their pets, due to all sorts of reasons.

“In Godfrey’s case, he was very lucky that we were able to take care of him immediately.

“We’d strongly encourage anyone who is struggling with keeping their pets to come to us for advice, or talk to our outreach team about help and support, rather than rashly abandoning their pet.

“Not only can we help talk people through the rehoming process and reassure them about the future of their animal, but the background information past owners give us can be vital in helping us find the best new home for those animals.”

To find out more about Godfrey and/or Pixie, Wood Green’s rehoming process and the hundreds of wonderful dogs, cats and small animals at Wood Green looking for homes, please visit or call 0844 248 8181.

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  1. Being in the pet care industry, we have helped to rehome unwanted pets & therefore bypassing rescue centres, but too many people feel that certain organisations either put healthy pets to sleep, or do not have the room! Either way it is cruel and irresponsible to disguard animals in the most dispicable ways😡

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