New Film Goes Behind Scenes on Kennel Club Assured Breeder Visit

(Kennel Club Press Release) The Kennel Club has launched a new film to show breeders what to expect from a Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme visit.

The film shows two of the Kennel Club’s Regional Breeder Assessors visiting two different breeders, and explores the various stages that take place during an assessment visit and what the Regional Breeder Assessor is looking for.

Assessment visits are required for all Assured Breeder Scheme members, including new applicants who must be visited before they are accepted as members.

Existing members who have not already had a visit under the new UKAS rules require a visit before they can register a litter of puppies, and members are thereafter visited at least once every three years.

Bill Lambert, Manager of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme, said: “Breeders who are new to the scheme can sometimes be apprehensive about the visits and what they will entail and we understand this.

“This film takes the mystery out of the process, which is simply designed to ensure that the standards set out by the scheme are met, and to help breeders identify if any improvements can be made.

“We support breeders throughout the process, and the vast majority of visits are entirely successful and require just simple changes, which we talk through during the visit.

“The film shows how our assessors explain the format of the visit to the breeder and the paperwork that they will go through, in addition to what they will be looking for when they visit the breeder’s facilities. The film also explains how the assessments close, when the assessor will feedback their findings and recommendations.

“This film shows exactly what both new applicants and existing scheme members awaiting a visit should expect. The visits are friendly and the assessors are all carefully selected and trained to a high standard, each undergoing a training course, so breeders should be at ease and expect consistency, professionalism, support, knowledge and a friendly demeanour from their assessor.”

The film features two Assured Breeders, each with different circumstances and facilities and demonstrates how the scheme is open to all responsible breeders, regardless of the numbers of dogs that they choose to breed.

Pat Taylor, an Assured Breeder of Golden Retrievers, who features in the film, said: “I am glad to be part of a film that shows behind the scenes on an Assured Breeder Scheme visit and exactly how it is conducted.

“I enjoyed the visit process and found my assessor to be friendly and knowledgeable and this film should help other breeders know what to expect on a visit. I hope it will encourage more breeders to join the scheme and help to enhance the scheme as it goes forward.”

Mr Lambert continued: “The process recognises that breeders choose to breed on different scales and have a wide range of different circumstances; the vast majority breed dogs as a hobby and not as a business. We understand that the facilities will be different for each and we build this into the process.

“We understand that every breeder is different but there are a set of standards that everybody must comply with, in order to ensure that the high standards our scheme members want to be associated with, are upheld.

“But ultimately, it is the outcome for the dogs and puppies that we focus on, rather than the method that the breeder chooses to get there.”

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