Wood Green: ‘Welfare must remain focus for owners of small furry pets‏’

(Wood Green Press Release) Rabbit and guinea pig owners still making basic care mistakes, but Wood Green experts are at the National Pet Show to help. Visit Wood Green, The Animals Charity at Discover Small Furries, stand C130b

Owners are getting better at looking after small furries, but there is still more work to be done to get the UK’s thousands of rabbit, guinea pig, gerbil and hamster owners up-to-speed.

And many families taking on a rabbit or a guinea pig are unaware of the lifetime costs of keeping small furries, which can average more than £5,500 – excluding the cost of any emergency vet treatment that might be needed.

Marie Channer and Woody June 07 066 (1)

Experts from Wood Green, The Animals Charity, will be on-hand at the National Pet Show in Birmingham this weekend to talk owners through picking the right small furry for them and all the husbandry and healthcare essentials they need to know to keep their pet happy and healthy.

Wood Green head of small animals Marie Channer said: “Sadly we still see so many very basic mistakes being made which could impact hugely on small animal wellbeing, such as accommodation being too small, supplying the wrong bedding, and even pets housed alongside the wrong species.

“So, although we have seen big positive changes over the years, there is still so much more work to be done to educate the small pet owners of the UK.”

Along with giving presentations on both days of the show, Marie and the team will be at the Wood Green stand c130b, along with some furry friends, to give advice on everything from housing and health, to companionship and diet.

The Wood Green stand will also showcase our brilliant guinea pig garden, filled with piggy friendly plants and our ten resident guinea pigs – a must-see for any green fingered guinea pig lovers!

Urging people to visit the Wood Green team and get clued-up on small animal welfare, Marie added: “We can’t stress enough how much owners need to do their homework – please visit rescue centres like Wood Green to help you find the perfect match – we will help you find the right pet for you and take the time to teach you everything you need to know about caring for your pet.

“Too many times owners think a small pet is going to be easier and cheaper than a cat or dog. The truth being a rabbit or a guinea pig can cost just as much and requires just as much commitment and attention.”

Marie’s Saturday and Sunday talks at the Discover Small Furries section;

– How to Choose the Right Small Furry for You, 12-12.30

– Keeping Rabbits Happy and Healthy, with the Rabbit Welfare Association, 10-10.45 and 14.30-15.15

– Go Guinea pig, 15.00-16.00

For more information about Wood Green please visit www.woodgreen.org.uk

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