Battersea urges MPs to help stop unregulated trade in puppies & kittens

(Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Press Release) On the eve of a Parliamentary debate, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is calling on MPs to shake up the regulation of the sale of puppies and kittens, describing such a move as “urgent and long overdue.”

The world-famous animal welfare charity has joined with other rescue organisations and campaigners to support the House of Commons debate this Thursday (4 September) which will question whether existing laws surrounding the breeding and sale of dogs provides enough protection to pet animals and their owners.

The Parliamentary debate was sparked by Pup Aid campaigner and celebrity vet Marc Abraham, after he collected over 111,500 signatures to a petition calling for a ban on puppy farming, irresponsible breeding and the sale of puppies and kittens for profit in pet shops.


Battersea fully supports the Pup Aid campaign, as the charity witnesses first-hand the shocking consequences of dogs and cats being bought on a whim.

13 dogs every single day come through Battersea’s gates, many under three years old, with far too many of them having been bought on impulse, then abandoned when they lose their initial puppy appeal.

Battersea’s Chief Executive Claire Horton says:

“Dogs and their owners have for far too long been the innocent victims of unlicensed breeders and unregulated pet shops. Sold for a quick profit, too easily bought on impulse, and separated from their mothers far too early, these pets can suffer lifelong health and welfare problems as a result of such early mistreatment.

“With thousands of unwanted dogs and cats in UK rescue centres like Battersea and a booming trade in unlicensed breeding, it’s high time we tightened the rules to make such abuse a thing of the past.”

Battersea is particularly concerned about where the puppies reaching our pet shops and homes come from, as too many have been born in unlicensed and often squalid conditions, which fail to meet minimum welfare standards.

The relaxation of pet travel rules in 2012 has also resulted in a huge increase in the numbers of puppies transported in unacceptable conditions from puppy farms across Europe.

Battersea now hopes MPs will back changes to current dog laws which pay little attention to animal welfare, and with growing concerns over the origin of puppies in particular, Battersea feels that these changes are urgent and long overdue.

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