The New Way to Meet Your Perfect Pet Match

An innovative new website has been launched, to matchmake rescue pets all over the UK with their perfect owners.

Find a Pet allows members of the public to find new pets quickly and easily – and helps shelter pets find the loving homes they deserve.

Pet rescues list the pets in their care, and potential pet owners use a powerful search tool to pinpoint just the right pet for them. They can search by pet type, breed, location, age, sex and even temperament.

So, whether someone is looking for a dog that’s good with children, a rabbit that’s happy to live indoors, or the perfect lap cat – Find a Pet is the place to meet their new best friend.

My good friend, animal welfare journalist and presenter, Serena Cowdy developed Find a Pet primarily to address some of the most serious pet welfare problems that exist in the UK: Irresponsible breeding, and pets being sold like household goods online.

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Figures from the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) indicate that some 250,000 pets come into rescue centres every year. The Find a Pet project wants to get the ‘adopt don’t shop’ message out to as many people as possible – and to become the standard destination for anyone looking for a new pet online.

However, Find a Pet is also a fun, engaging, family-friendly experience. A user can share the pets they find on social media, build their own ‘favourites’ pinboard as they search for their perfect companion, and even sign up for email alerts, so they’re told as soon as their perfect type or breed of pet is listed on the site.

Serena explained why the project is so important to her:

“In my work with pet charities, I’ve seen and heard some heartbreaking things. When you come across yet another kitten that’s been dumped in a bin because no one wants it – or yet another dog that’s been used in an illegal dog fight, you realise just how big the pet welfare problem is in the UK.

“I believe that Britain is still a nation of animal lovers – and with so many wonderful pets waiting patiently in rescues, I would encourage any potential pet owner to adopt, rather than to breed or buy.

“If you take on a rescue pet, you really are helping to save a life. Find a Pet just makes it as easy as possible to be a hero!”

As I see it there’s currently a huge animal welfare problem in UK around the cruel puppy farming industry over-producing poorly pets sold in pet shops, garden centres, and online. Meanwhile, thousands of healthy pets are simply abandoned, dumped in rescue, or worse put to sleep, because they’re no longer wanted.

Why would anyone buy a sick puppy from a pet shop when there are so many fantastic animals waiting in shelters for their loving forever homes? This groundbreaking Find a Pet website is a brilliant new resource to help tackle this serious problem, and I support it wholeheartedly.

Good luck Serena and Find a Pet – finally a website that makes it easy to find your new best friend – and save a life too!

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