Animals Asia’s ‘Peace by piece’ is Largest Rescue of its Kind Ever Undertaken

Animals Asia need your help now to support over 130 bears going from farm to freedom.

‘Peace by Piece’ is Animals Asia’s new landmark campaign to help rescue and rehabilitate over 130 moon bears in Nanning, China.

These bears have been kept in horrendous conditions – many trapped in tiny cages from birth – and farmed for their bile. Some of the 41 female bears could even be pregnant with up to four cubs.

The farmer had bred the bears and extracted their bile for years, but had a change of heart when his daughter convinced him of the horrible cruelty of the trade.

Animals Asia is taking over custody and care of the bears, leasing the land and facilities. This will be the largest rescue of its kind in the world.

Animals Asia now need your help to turn this farm into a home – peace by piece!

Not only will Animals Asia turn this bile farm into a comfortable home for the bears, they’ll create a sanctuary AND education centre.

By uniquely working with the Chinese Government, they’ll also ensure that this new sanctuary will provide meaningful jobs to the nine existing farm workers, retraining them to become skilled bear carers, at this new groundbreaking sanctuary.

So, this isn’t just a bear rescue, it’s a landmark initiative to help change the hearts and minds of other farmers in the region.

Because of the size and scale of this rescue, Animals Asia need your support more than ever before. Your donation will help fund the renovation of the farm as well as the veterinary care these bears urgently need and the equipment and structures needed for their rehabilitation.

Please help Animals Asia provide the peace these bears deserve – and claim your piece of history in the making. Click here for more details and to donate.

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