Puppy Farming Photography Project: Can You Help??

My good friend Liz Benjamin is a portrait and commercial photographer and would like your help with a fantastic project she’s doing.

Liz is keen to raise awareness of puppy farming and needs some help finding some puppy farm survivors i.e. rescued ex-breeding bitches to photograph.

Would this be something you could help her with?

Owning two rescue dogs Jazz and Scout (pictured), Liz will be careful as to make sure that the dogs are happy and comfortable at all time.


Liz says “I’d like to photograph them in their homes or local parks to keep it as relaxed as possible.

“My youngest dog Jazz (2nd best rescue at Pupaid!) had a bad start and is really nervous, so I know I’d need to be calm and careful.

“I would also be really happy to provide copies of photographs for anyone who can to help me.”

To view Liz’s excellent work, visit her portrait website and if you’d like to see any more of Liz’s dog photos or hear more about the project, email Liz at liz@little-silver.net for more info.

Liz adds “Also, because of time I’d have to keep it fairly local to me. I’m based in Watford but can travel to London and within 20miles ish.”

Really hope you can help Liz.

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3 replies

  1. Hello Liz

    My name’s Layne and I’m an animal advocate. I have personally rescued and rehabilitated dogs and now work caring for peoples pets when they are away from home. I am also a photographer, although I’ve not done much for a while I used to shoot weddings and such. I would love to help! I live in Bristol but perhaps this doesnt matter so much. I could collect image in my area and send them to you maybe? I could also use my business social media pages to promote the project. Let me know if you think my help may be usefull to you.

    Best regards

    Layne 🙂

  2. Hey,

    Bristol own photographer happy to pose with my fostered ex breeding bitch or happy to gather images for you also, equally happy to collaborate with layne

    Thanks 🙂

  3. We rescued a king Charles cavalier we got her from many tears rescue.She is an ex puppy farm bitch about 5 years, it is thought she will have had about 4 litters before the breeders decided to get rid of her.Not sure if we are any use to you, we live in Fife Scotland, but would be happy to help

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