Launch of First Kennel Club Breed Rescue Calendar

(Kennel Club Release) The first Kennel Club Breed Rescue (KCBR) calendar is being launched at Discover Dogs on Saturday 9th November, celebrating purebred rescue dogs and raising money for the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

Cover star, Jasmine, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was rescued by Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue will be launching the sale of the 2014 KCBR calendar on Saturday with her rescue friend, Andrea Kitchen and new owners, Simon Mulholland and Adam Hussain from Coventry.

The calendar showcases twelve dogs, all from different KCBR organisations and each with their own special story. The stars of the calendar were only chosen after a toughly fought competition run by Kennel Club Breed Rescue in search for the most worthy models to illustrate each month of the year.

Cover Star_Jasmine_Northern SBT Rescue

Life has not always been so glamorous for Jasmine (above), who features in August and graces the calendar’s front cover. Jasmine and her sister were brought to Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue by a reservist Army medic who was called up to serve a six month tour of Afghanistan.

The man initially rescued Jasmine and her sister from his local sanctuary when they were puppies after they had been taken there half-starved and neglected, and Jasmine has a slight foreleg deformity as a result of poor nutrition at an early age. However both Jasmine and her sister are very much loved by their new families and Jasmine does not seem to be bothered by her leg.

Jasmine’s new owner, Simon Mullholland, an aerospace engineer, says: “Jasmine is such a loving and friendly dog and she settled into our home straight away. In fact, after two weeks we commented that it’s like she has been with us all her life. Everyone loves her and she is great with other dogs. We are so lucky to have her.”

The Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar will be on sale for £9.99 throughout Discover Dogs and through the Kennel Club Online shop for the rest of the year. All proceeds go to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust to make a difference for all dogs’ lives.

Other canine models attending Discover Dogs will be April’s Han Solo, a Pomeranian, May’s Lily and Emily, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, June’s Louis the Cairn Terrier and July’s Ronnie and Michael, both Cotons de Tulear.

For those who cannot make it to Discover Dogs, the calendar is available to buy here.

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