Missing Pet Calls Increase by 40% on Bonfire Night

(Kennel Club release) Pet owners are being reminded to keep their pets safe ahead of this year’s Bonfire Night after Petlog revealed there was a large increase in lost and found pet calls to its emergency line on Guy Fawkes night last year.

On November 5th 2012, Petlog, the UK’s largest database for microchipped pets, received a 40% increase in the number of calls reporting pets as either missing by pet owners, or found by vets, welfare organisations or dog wardens compared to the daily average during November.

It will be no surprise to learn of the increase as the loud noises associated with fireworks are well known to spook pets. We are reminded each year to keep pets safe inside, but still some pets unfortunately go missing. Petlog wants to ensure that pet owners are well informed about what they can do to prevent their pet from straying and what course of action they need to take if the worst does happen.

Celia Walsom, Petlog Executive commented: “Each year we see a spike of activity on and around the 5th November so we want to help pet owners prepare thoroughly for bonfire night this year. This November we will be sharing tips with our customers about keeping their pets safe, such as walking dogs through daylight hours only, keeping the house secure at all times, putting on the TV or music for pets in the evening, not fussing over pets when the fireworks begin, and more through our social media channels.

“Most importantly we will also be reminding the owners of microchipped pets to make sure their contact details are up to date on their pet’s microchip record.”

Petlog has its own Facebook page which aims to engage with the pet community, even helping to reunite pets this way. Anyone is welcome to join this group, whether they have pets registered on Petlog or not – the wider the community, the more people to help find missing pets.


Barry Brackner of Orchard Vets said: “It’s not surprising that November 5th is so busy – it can be a scary time for pets as they are not used to the loud bangs and have no idea why it’s happening. We often see a rise in the number of lost pets brought in to us around this time.

“If a pet is chipped and their contact details are up to date, it makes our job of reuniting the pet and owner much easier, and a quicker reunification is better for the pet and owner too. However, we would prefer not to see a lost pet in the first place and so we urge everyone to make sure their pets are safe and happy indoors during the evenings around Bonfire Night.”

If your pet is not already microchipped, speak to your vet and ask that your pet is microchipped and registered with Petlog. To find out more about Petlog, Petlog Premium and advice on how to keep pets safe, visit Petlog by clicking here.

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