Wales puts Dog Welfare back at top of Agenda

(BVA Release) The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has strongly welcomed the latest move by the Welsh Government to introduce new dog breeding legislation to enhance animal welfare and tackle puppy farming.

Commenting, BVA President Peter Jones said:

“We are delighted that the Welsh Government has put dog welfare back at the top of the agenda and is pushing ahead with plans to tighten the regulations regarding the breeding of puppies.

“Vets are often faced with the terrible consequences of puppy farms and bad breeders, which can lead to suffering for both the animals and their owners.

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“We welcome this latest move to drive forward legislative change to tackle the abhorrent practice of puppy farming and hope effective measures will make a real difference to the health and welfare of man’s best friend.

“We are particularly pleased that that draft Regulations have not watered down the recommendations on staff to dog ratios and is proposing that one person to 20 dogs should be the maximum.

“This ratio was advocated by the expert Task and Finish Group on which the BVA and BSAVA were represented. And we strongly support the proposals that breeders must have socialisation and enhancement and enrichment programmes for dogs on licensed premises and the animals must be microchipped.”

“Everyone wants their new puppy to be happy and healthy and I would also like to take this opportunity to mention the Puppy Contract and Puppy Information Pack (PIP), launched last year by the BVA’s charity, the Animal Welfare Foundation, and the RSPCA which gives prospective puppy owners the tools and information they need to ensure they are buying a healthy, happy and well-socialised puppy.”

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5 replies

  1. 1 person cannot adequately care for 20 dogs and I wonder if this number includes any puppies ?Bringing up a litter is a full time job , the care of the bitch while pregnant followed by her care while nursing the pups, once the pups are weaned it is even more demanding making sure each puppy takes enough food , weighing them daily to check – handling each one — it cannot be a commercial enterprise .

  2. I am wondering if it would be a good idea to let people know what a genuine pedigree certificate looks like. Does it have a watermark? does it have a KC registration number? Nowadays any Tom, Dick, or Blodwyn can print out a decent looking certificate on their puppy farm premises.

  3. Infuriating that this is the best that politicians can come up with- how vile these puppy farms are and that we allow this to continue.
    They must be completely banned and anyone breeding dogs must have a very strict License and have unannounced visit every few months with all the records of mating and births and details of their sales. Home checks must be compulsory and could be done by trained and willing volunteers.

  4. Sadly a KC certificate is no guarantee of good breeding the premises are not inspected .I think the KC is considering inspecting their accredited breeders , maybe Marc can clarify ?

  5. When will the penny drop and people realise that there is an epidemic of unwanted pets in the UK. Therefore anyone and everyone, be it a breeder or an irresponsible owner – they are all only making the situation worse. I read somewhere that for every litter of puppies/kittens born,one dog/cat will end up in a rescue environment. How utterly appalling is that?? A national controlled breeding programme for all domestic animals is a necessity.

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