Dog due to be put down saved at last minute thanks to charity

(KC Press Release) Bella, a two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier due to be put down after the statutory seven day period at the council pound, was saved just in time by charity All Dogs Matter, based in East Finchley, North London.

When rescued from the pound, it quickly became evident that Bella was suffering from the painful skin disease, mange, but, thanks to All Dogs Matter and funds from a £4,000 grant from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust she is on the road to recovery. She is now in a foster home but still looking for a permanent home.

Ira Moss from All Dogs Matter said: “We get so many abandoned Staffies, and thanks to the grant from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust we were able to save Bella and offer her a space in emergency kenneling and start immediate treatment on her skin condition.

“Bella is now living with a lovely couple local to us, and we are hoping that her skin improves with the help of some TLC and a warm sofa to snuggle up on at night. Bella’s condition will improve slowly and she will need to have weekly baths for her skin over the next four weeks and continue with the rest of her treatment until she fully recovers.”

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust recently gave All Dogs Matter a grant of £4,000 to assist with its work helping dogs. Mike Townsend, Chairman of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust said: “Bella is a lovely dog and thanks to All Dogs Matter she was saved from being euthanised and her skin condition is improving by the day. We hope the money we have donated ensures the great work of this charity continues.”


The Kennel Club Charitable Trust awards grants to welfare organisations, such as All Dogs Matter, which make a difference to dogs’ lives and also provides financial support to scientific research and support charities.

The Trust was established in 1987 and has donated £6.5 million to a range of organisations and charities, to help them to achieve its objective of ‘making a difference for dogs’. It supports work with dogs across three distinct areas 1) Science – funding research into health problems in dogs, 2) Support – helping to train dogs to help human beings, and 3) Welfare – providing funds for dogs that need help or rescue.

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