Kennel Club vet health checks: Behind the scenes

(KC Release) A short film showing what happens during a veterinary health check at General and Group Championship dog shows has been released by the Kennel Club.

The film, created in time for Crufts, is a candid look at the friendly and non-invasive process involved, and demonstrates what the vets look for during a veterinary health check. It was produced for the benefit of exhibitors, judges and the veterinary surgeons involved in the process, as well as anyone else interested in how the vet checks work.

Veterinary health checks for the high profile breeds were introduced in March 2012 at all General and Group Championship shows, and a dog must pass this check before its Best of Breed or Champion title is confirmed.

The checks aim to identify if there are any visible clinical signs of pain or discomfort, caused to a dog as a result of exaggerations. During a check the vet will assess a number of aspects of the dog, as per Kennel Club guidelines.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The veterinary health checks have caused some controversy since their introduction, so we created the film to show that the veterinary health checks are a simple, straightforward procedure, with the health of the dog at their heart.

“The vet check process is a far more relaxed and friendly one than many people realise, and the main consideration is always the welfare of the dog involved.

“We are pleased at how the first full year of vet checks has gone and are confident that results will be equally impressive as we progress through the first part of 2013, with continued great work from breeders and exhibitors of the high profile breeds.”

To read the end of year review for the veterinary health checks for 2012 click here.

The veterinary health check film can be viewed at the Kennel Club’s Breeding for the Future stand at Crufts, from March 7th to 10th, and can be viewed here:

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