Special Appeal from Oldies Club – Foster home needed for Nugget & Missy

Missy and Nugget are two cute little Jack Russell Terriers. Missy (known as Missy Mischief!) is 9 and Nugget is 6. Nugget is Missy’s son and they have lived together their whole lives.

Missy and Nugget came into the care of the Oldies Club because of the serious illness of their owner. They are fit and active little dogs who are full of character and fun. They have both had obedience training and have qualified up to silver level.


We are urgently looking for a new foster (or forever) home for Missy and Nugget, because they have proved to be reactive around other dogs. When they see other dogs, Nugget will sometimes bark and lunge, and Missy joins in. Then they both pull hard on the lead and are hard for their current foster carer to cope with. Rather than separate them, we are hoping to find a fosterer who is able to hold them if they pull on the lead.

We are told that Nugget was good with other dogs in his original home, so part of the problem may be down to stress and being with an unfamiliar owner, and may settle with time – but at present we are looking for a foster carer with no other dogs or cats for these cute little guys.

If you think you may be able to offer Missy and Nugget a foster home, please contact fosterrecruit@oldies.org.uk to discuss.

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