Morrisons: 3 reasons why your new Xmas advert could kill dogs

OK so firstly I’m a massive fan of Morrisons. I live right next to one and shop there most days so this is really nothing personal.

But Morrisons’ shiny new Xmas advert highlighting a child giving his pet dog a big piece of Xmas pudding will potentially throw up more problems for dogs health-wise than any creative team at Morrisons could possibly imagine.

Firstly it’s not OK to feed human food to dogs. Most responsible dog owners are well aware of the potentially lethal hazards of chocolate, onions, bones, chewing gum, or in fact any foodstuff containing them. Just because it’s OK for us certainly doesn’t mean it’s OK for our four-legged friends so this advert isn’t really helping much.

Secondly Xmas pudding invariably contains raisins, sultanas or any variation of grape that are extremely toxic to some dogs. The intricate micro-mechanisms of these toxicities are still unclear but it’s well documented and cases are widely known of dogs dying from kidney failure after being fed grapes, cooked or uncooked, in Xmas puddings or just as ‘treats’.

Finally, feeding a dog such a rich sweet meal can induce a potentially life-threatening emergency called acute pancreatitis where the pancreas (an organ nestling nicely between the stomach and small intestine) reacts to a sudden surge in sugar intake with massive overproduction of powerful digestive enzymes that then begin to attack its own sensitive tissues, leading to extreme pain, sometimes uncontrollable vomiting, diarrhoea; which can all be fatal in themselves, or even to recover suffering from life-long diabetes and permanent change to a low-fat diet, not to mention a massive vets’ bill for a few days of intensive round-the-clock hospitalization on intravenous fluids, antibiotics, and pain relief.

So please Morrisons please can you pull your advert as I, like many veterinary staff working over Xmas, really don’t want to see dogs coming in with various poisonings and illnesses that your advert is keen to promote. Thank you in advance.

For those on Facebook you can ‘like’ and share this protest page too? And for those who still haven’t seen the advert here it is:

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  1. Thank you Marc for featuring this, several of us have complained to Morrisons directly, and all have received the same ‘non-answer’. We have also complained to the ASA in a bid to get this advert pulled off. Morrisons claim that the food shown was synthetic, but people seeing the ad won’t know that, and children will simply copy what they see, with often tragic results. A few words from you, as a highly respected Vet, will carry more weight that dozens of us, so thank you for this blog.

  2. I hadn’t seen this as yet. Thank you Marc for contacting Morrisons. We too shop there every week and love the store. The fact that a child is giving food under the table to the dog is very realistic, but the choice of food was not a good choice. I have been giving the Christmas talk to my puppy classes this many dangers for pets in this season of goodwill isn’t there?

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