Do you own ‘Britain’s Cutest Staffy’?

Over the last few decades we’ve seen certain dog breeds taking it in turns to be labelled troublemakers; from German Shepherds to Rottweilers, Dobermans to Pit Bulls, according to the media it’s pretty much always the dog’s fault, tragically then having to pay the heaviest price of being destroyed.

But we animal lovers know all too well it’s the owner’s commitment to responsible dog ownership that’s more likely to determine the behavioural outcome of that dog – whatever the breed.

Furthermore when promoting animal welfare, engaging your target audience is often the toughest hurdle so when a brand new competition like ‘Britain’s Cutest Staffy’ pops up on my radar it deserves full marks for originality, whilst trying to make a difference on an extremely serious matter.

In more recent times our canine media scapegoat has been the Staffordshire Bull Terrier – or Staffy – a sweet, kind, loving, loyal breed of dog, often making fantastic family pets especially with small children. However their current status dog symbol, irresponsible over breeding, and frightening ease at which they’re available to purchase online means there’re literally thousands in rescue all awaiting good homes, needing our help.

‘Britain’s Cutest Staffy’ is a photo competition helping give these gorgeous dogs a better image, so why not enter a photo of your own cute Staffy for the chance to win some great prizes and show how friendly this breed is.

There are some great prizes including a photoshoot with a top photographer with all donations go towards rescuing abandoned Staffies. There are three categories: Puppy, Adult, Senior, and all entries must be in by Christmas Day. Finally, I’m extremely proud to be one of the judges so get entering! For more info about ‘Britain’s cutest Staffy’ and to enter your dog please visit

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