Pup Aid 2012: The Coolest Dog Show Comes to London

Celebrities, families and dogs gather to fight back against puppy farms.

Primrose Hill will be partying in the name of puppies on Saturday September 8th as PupAid moves from its south coast residency to London.

Families, famous faces and our four legged-friends will be gathering in a free festival of fun dog show, fresh food and boutique doggy shopping stalls – all with one single aim – to raise public awareness of the cruel and horrific puppy farming industry.

Now in its third year PupAid is the celebrity judged dog show established by myself and my amazing team of fellow volunteers a few years ago and this year it is bigger, better and in the capital in Primrose Hill thanks to proud patron Meg Mathews and its ever growing list of dog-loving celebrity supporters which include Brian May and Liam Gallagher.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come along and to enter their dog into this unique dog show with its array of wacky and wonderful classes – which include Prettiest Bitch, Handsomest Dog, Child’s Best Friend, Campest Dog in London, My Dog’s Got Talent and the prestigious title of London’s Coolest Dog – where the only pedigree celebrity judges are looking for is personality.

Meanwhile Joanna Page (above), star of Gavin & Stacey, will be introducing the Parade of Rescued Puppy Farm Ex-Breeding Bitches, several dogs that were fortunate to survive appalling treatment to lend their presence to the PupAid cause.

Meg Mathews, who now believes her desperately ill Boston terrier pup she bought for daughter Anais, was originally born on a puppy farm, said: “He had a cleft palate anyway but he got sicker and sicker every day and was just so ill that he must have made about 30 visits to the vet in those first weeks. He would hide away from us, he’d be sick and he lost so much weight.

‘’I didn’t know about puppy farming or even that I should have asked to see the mother but in hindsight I realise that a proper breeder would not have sold him to us like that.

‘We’re supposed to be a nation of animal lovers yet this is happening right under our noses, even more so now with designer dogs becoming such a status symbol, making the demand even higher.”

Love dogs, hate puppy farms

According to a recent survey* nearly £1bn a year is spent on farmed pups. While 95% of dog owners said they would never buy a dog from a puppy farm it is estimated 900,000 did without realising it.

Breeding bitches and pups are usually kept in horrific, dark, cramped conditions akin to battery farms. They are often riddled with painful disease, many of which are infectious, inbred and often incurable.

The pups, many already in ill health, are then distributed for sale by the vanload. These are the very same pups that unsuspecting families will purchase from pet shops and superstores, through newspaper and online advertisements or dog kennels.

Many of the dogs will die soon after reaching their new home. Others will show later signs of illness which usually require thousands of pounds worth of medical, surgical or behavioural treatment causing the pups even more suffering and heartbreak for their owners.

No responsible breeder would ever give their pups to a pet shop or pass them on to a dealer without meeting the pup’s prospective owners first. Any person or family who wants a puppy should always go to either a rescue centre or to a responsible breeder where they should ask the see the mother – unless it’s a farmed puppy there is no reason the mother should not be there.

PupAid’s celebrity dog-loving supporters which include soap stars, singers, actors and television personalities will all be gathering in Primrose Hill on this special day to judge this special dog show with the aim to gather public support to put an end to the practice of puppy farming. PupAid also coincides with the Kennel Club’s Puppy Awareness Week which helps people to spot the signs of a puppy farmer and to find a responsible breeder or rescue home.

Pup Aid is being held at Primrose Hill, part of the Royal Parks on Saturday September 8th from 11am-5pm. Dog show registration begins at 10am.

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