Animal welfare team attend emergency cold weather shelter‏

(Mayhew Press Release) On December 27th, Animal Welfare Officers from The Mayhew attended the emergency cold weather shelter opened by the homeless charity, Crisis.

Every winter over the bitter festive season, Crisis open their cold weather shelters in order to provide homeless people with a secure, warm and safe environment. The charity is also one of the very few homeless organisations which allow dogs into their shelters.

(Above) The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officer with vet Marc Abraham and one of the residents at the emergency shelter.

The Mayhew, a rescue centre in North West London, is committed to helping both animals and their owners living in the capital through community outreach programmes. They visited the shelter to provide free health treatments such as flea and worming and impart advice to the owners who were in residence with their dogs.

The Mayhew’s CEO, Caroline Yates, said:

“Many homeless shelters are not in a position to allow dogs and this often means that the majority of homeless people with animals will stay out in the cold on the streets in order to stay with their beloved pet.”

She added:

“It is wonderful that the Crisis shelter offers refuge for both owners and their animals and we are always pleased to be able to visit the shelter and provide any animal welfare and advice. The high majority of homeless people with dogs simply adore their pets and look after them incredibly well, but it is one of our community initiatives to ensure that The Mayhew can always be an avenue of help for them, should the need arise.”

The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare team were also accompanied by TV Vet, Marc Abraham, who is a familiar face on ITV’s This Morning.

Marc Abraham, said:

“I was truly honoured to be invited along to the Crisis homeless shelter over Christmas to work with The Mayhew providing veterinary care and advice to many dogs belonging to the homeless. At a time of year traditionally known for families and togetherness it was nice to share the festivities with people and animals who maybe feeling sad and lonely. The Crisis shelter is a truly magical place and I urge anyone to volunteer there next Christmas and experience its unique warmth.”

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