‘Appy Christmas: £1 per App to Rescue Dogs with Canine Care

At this happy sparkly festive time of year it’s easy to only think of our own pets – spoiling them rotten with the latest toys, treats, and turkey scraps, with some of us even choosing to dress them up – after all they are part of the family.

But what about those poor rescue dogs who now suddenly find themselves alone or in strange surroundings? Friendly perfectly well behaved dogs, abandoned due to financial difficulties, change in residence or perhaps even tragically losing their owners due to illness.

Oldies Club is a dog charity working closely with UK shelters specialising in the rescue and rehoming of older unwanted dogs over 7 years old and helping them find their forever homes.

Often neglected, these older dogs like Lillee (above) often need even more help with painful arthritis, nasty lumps, urgent dental work, and common age-related conditions, e.g. diabetes, heart failure – so Oldies Club set up their own Vet Fund Appeal to look after these aging pooches keeping them comfortable, happy, and pain-free – giving them the best chance of being rehomed.

To help with Vet Fund Appeal, as extremely proud patron of Oldies Club I’m donating £1 from every Canine Care iPhone App sold between now and New Year to help older dogs receive the treatment and care they deserve.

It’s particularly heartbreaking that these issues aren’t even a result of deliberate cruelty but simply of long-term neglect, i.e. failure to provide basic health care and a well balanced diet over many years, as well as failing to detect and properly treat problems at an early stage.

Canine Care is now available from Apple’s AppStore to download or even send as a gift to fellow dog-lovers, and contains over an hour of specialist video content giving you easy tips on looking after your dog including how to safely brush your dog’s teeth, apply eye ointment and even empty anal glands!

Canine Care’s emergency section will help you detect more serious conditions like bloat and gastric torsion early which could even save your dog’s life; and as if that’s not enough Canine Care also lists fun recipes for dog treats, finds your nearest vet and dog-friendly pub, as well as pet insurance quote generator plus links to discounted foods, training aids, and preventative medicines to protect your dog against fleas and worms.

Canine Care with Marc the Vet is available to purchase now from the AppStore for only £2.99 with £1 from every purchase going to Oldies Club Vet Fund Appeal until midnight Monday 2nd January 2012. For more information on Oldies Club visit: www.oldies.org.uk

Case Studies that have needed extra medical and surgical help from Vet Fund Appeal include:

Sparkle (above) found herself in rescue after the death of her owner; it is likely she had not been receiving proper veterinary care for some time. She was totally blind in her left eye, which had eroded around a massive, painful ulcer. Her teeth were in an appalling condition and her right eye also had some damage.

Seb (above) was very neglected, and perhaps abused as well. He was bald because of a flea allergy, and one eye was permanently damaged. He had kennel cough when he arrived and had some kind of trauma to his left side. His shoulder was “not right” and his ear was battered and torn.

Sam (above) came into the care of the Oldies Club at the request of Social Services. He had overgrown nails, hair loss on his back due to flea-allergy, was overweight as he’d not been walked for about 2 years, and had rotten teeth.

Tiny Toby (above) had skin problems, dental problems, was underweight and also needed treatment for kennel cough and ear problems.

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