Your Cat Tucker Trial

(Your Cat Press Release) Have you ever wondered if your cat’s food really does taste as good it looks? Your Cat magazine is hungry to find out and will be serving up an ‘A La Cat’ menu to staff in a charity taste test challenge at the Supreme Cat Show at the NEC Birmingham on November 19th.

Deputy editor Angie Lowe and sub editor Sarah Whittington, along with Tom Watkins of Animal Search UK, will be sitting down to a feast fit for a feline, sampling some of the best super premium cat foods on the market.

From Organic Turkey Dinner to Chicken & Pumpkin flavours, which dish will they prefer and more importantly will they be able to complete their challenge and raise much needed funds for Tigertime, a worldwide campaign, launched by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, to save the tiger from extinction?

Angie says: “With all the delicious sounding and, I have to admit, looking, ‘posh food’ you can buy for your cat now I started to wonder what they taste like. Some of them don’t smell half bad either! I never thought I would or actually be able to eat cat food but this is the challenge we face! I’m such a fussy eater and very squeamish but it’s for a fantastic cause!”

The Your Cat tucker trial will include a selection of dry and wet cat food, which will be featured in the magazine’s Buyers’ Guide in the November issue. To order a copy and sponsor the girls visit, where you will also be able to watch the trial unfold.

Nicola Growcott, communication executive at the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association, says: “Cat food contains many of the same ingredients which make up our diets such as, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and cereals, and the high quality of these ingredients means that they are suitable for human consumption but used in cat food because they are surplus to the human food chain.

“Extensive scientific innovation has gone into blending these high quality ingredients to create a nutritionally balanced, palatable cat food that enhances your cat’s health and wellbeing. However, cats and humans have very different nutritional requirements and tastes so we don’t recommend that you eat your cat’s food, as good as it may sound!”

With only 3,200 wild tigers left on earth, money raised from the event will aim to stop the senseless slaughter of tigers by significantly increasing the anti-poaching patrols on the ground, support undercover work to trap and prosecute illegal traders, and educate people to stop using tiger parts in medicine.

It is hoped that the power of our combined voices will be used to pressure governments at home and overseas, and increase the numbers of tigers in the wild.

Celebrities including Joanna Lumley, Ricky Gervais, Mel C, Sir Roger Moore, Gemma Atkinson, Abi Titmuss, Stephen Fry and Susan Sarandon have already put their name to the campaign here.

Joanna says: “If the tiger disappears from the wild because of our behaviour we humans shall have lost all claims to be called civilised and compassionate. The greatest enemy is indifference. Please join TigerTime right now to help to save the lives and habitat of these magnificent creatures. This is extremely urgent. The clock is ticking: real time is running out.”

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