Special Treat for Dog Owners with iPhones

So I’ve brought out an App for dog lovers, packed full of features to help safeguard your four-legged family friends called Canine Care.

Only just released, the App has already been featured by Apple in ‘New & Noteworthy’ of the iTunes AppStore, and has also been prominent in the best selling list of Lifestyle Apps too.

Screenshot from the app with tips and video content

Published by market-leading App publisher ICN, Canine Care also provides fun tools to enjoy life with your dog, and can also save you money on food, flea and worming treatments, and even pet insurance in association with the App’s partners, PetPlan and Pet Drugs Online.

Canine Care goes far beyond anything else seen to date in the AppStore regarding dog care, and provides the user with expert video guides on how to avoid, identify and manage common dog ailments, from poisons and first aid to infections and lumps.

Not only can Canine Care help educate the user with early detection of potential problems, together with tips on choosing and owning a dog responsibly, but it’s spotting an emergency section could also save your dog’s life.

Canine Care Users Receive:

· Marc’s Tips: Step-by-step video guides and tutorials on how to manage your dog’s health

· My Dog: Set reminders to conveniently reorder your dog’s preventative treatments, report your dog missing instantly or contact a vet with the touch of a button

· Around My Dog: The special GPS feature will find vets near you and can even display dog-friendly pubs to help you all enjoy that special day out together

· Pet Fun: Fun tools for the kids, such as Dog Treat Recipes and Doggie Name Generator!

· Savings: Order foods and preventative medicines at affordable prices, and even insure your pet all without leaving the App!

Canine Care helps to educate and raise awareness amongst dog-owners of how to best look after their dogs, as well as what to do and who to contact if they think their dog has a problem; no matter where they are in the country, and this can only help improve the overall well-being of our four-legged family friends. It’s so great to be able to use the technology of a mobile device in this way.

Canine Care App is the all-encompassing tool for making sure your canine stays healthy and happy, and can be downloaded here.

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