Rock Legends-signed PUP AID Epiphone Casino Guitar goes under the hammer to help fight Puppy Farming

(Official Release) UK’s Rock Royalty give their support to TV Vet Marc Abraham’s anti-puppy farming campaign PUP AID by signing a unique guitar for dog charities.

Kicked off in September by Liam Gallagher, PUP AID 2010 was launched with the Oasis front man kindly offering his support to raise awareness about Puppy Farming.

Now a host of rock legends have followed suit by signing the one of a kind PUP AID Epiphone Casino Guitar kindly donated by Epiphone, due to be auctioned at Bonhams on December 15th.

Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Keith Richards (Rolling Stones), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Eric Clapton, Brian May (Queen), Mick Jones (The Clash), Roger Daltrey (The Who), Paul Weller (The Jam/Style Council) and Gary Moore (Thin Lizzy) have all added their invaluable signatures to the PUP AID Epiphone Casino Guitar.

TV Vet Marc Abraham and Queen guitarist Brian May with the PUP AID Guitar
TV Vet Marc Abraham and Queen guitarist Brian May with the PUP AID Guitar

The Save-Me campaign, founded by Queen guitarist and animal-lover Brian May (pictured) to promote decent treatment of animals, said: “Save-Me is supporting Marc the Vet’s important campaign to end the disgraceful Puppy Farming trade. Make sure you don’t support cruelty in irresponsible pet breeding”.

PUP AID 2010 was the brainchild of TV Vet Marc Abraham and the first-ever music festival and celebrity-judged dog show, held in Brighton, England, to raise awareness about the cruel industry of puppy farming in the UK.

Puppy farming is the mass-production of puppies purely for profit with no thought or consideration for the welfare or happiness of the pups, breeding bitches or stud-dogs.

Poorly diseased pups are then removed from their sick mothers far too young and transported sometimes hundreds of miles to be sold from pet-shops, free newspaper adverts or like commodities on websites.

Puppies bought from these sources are usually riddled with fatal infectious and congenital diseases and if they don’t die within the first week resulting in both family and financial heartache, they’ll often require hundreds or even thousands of pounds in vet’s bills to try and make better.

TV Vet Marc Abraham who is the resident vet on BBC Breakfast, ITV This Morning and Sky1’s ‘My Pet Shame’ has personally taken the PUP AID Guitar along to each legend, and says “I’m so thankful to Epiphone for starting what’s been quite a mad journey, and truly honoured to have met some of the most influential musicians and heroes in rock history who have supported this campaign.

“Puppy farming is a horrific practice that must be stopped. Sadly local authorities and dog welfare organisations are often unable to prevent this battery farming of dogs and so the responsibility lies with the British dog-loving public to stop buying these farmed pups altogether and end the demand forever.

“Anyone considering buying a dog should never buy from pet-shops or online without meeting the owner, but always consider adopting from their local rescue shelter instead. If you’re determined to buy a puppy please always see the pup interacting with its mother and contact the Kennel Club’s list of Accredited Breeders for the healthiest pups which will share long and happy lives with you”.

The PUP AID Epiphone Casino Guitar joins an original Jimi Hendrix guitar and Beatles lyrics in a special music and entertainment memorabilia auction at Bonhams Knightsbridge on December 15th and is surely the ultimate Christmas gift for any music-loving dog owner!

Proceeds from the auction are going to Dogs Trust, Kennel Club Charitable Trust and Oldies Club – a small charity specializing in rehoming older unwanted dogs.

For more information on PUP AID campaign, to get involved in PUP AID 2011, or tips on choosing a dog please visit

To view the PUP AID Guitar in the Bonhams catalogue click here.

The signed PUP AID Epihone Casino (Photo: Bonhams)
The signed PUP AID Epihone Casino (Photo: Bonhams)
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