2010 Pedigree Adoption Drive: The Mayhew Animal Home

The 2010 Pedigree Adoption Drive raised a fantastic £20,000 for the Mayhew Animal Home in London. This video shows you what happened when I went along with Pedigree to tell them the good news:

Because of your support for the Pedigree Adoption Drive, the trust will now be able to expand its community veterinary clinic and encourage responsible pet ownership.

Over 107,000 dogs were abandoned in the UK last year. For many of them, their only chance of finding a second home lies with rescue organisations like the Mayhew. But without help, many rescue centres struggle to keep their doors open and provide the food, shelter and comfort every dog needs.

Thank you for supporting the Pedigree Adoption Drive.

See what happened at the National Animal Welfare Trust and Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter

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