A Poem about Fox Hunting by my nephew Nathan, aged 12.

Close yours eyes

Imagine running, running for your life,

Faster than ever before because you want to live,

You are tripping, stumbling, out of breath,

People on horses are chasing you and screaming strange sounds you’ve never heard before,

Dogs sprinting at you!

You are cornered by blood-thirsty crazed barking dogs,

This is your last sight – the dogs ripping you apart!!!

Open your eyes, was that terrible?

Would you have wanted to be in that position? I didn’t think so!!!


Pic from http://herefordheckler.wordpress.com/

Fox Hunting Should Be Banned

These normal everyday people think this is fun. People do this for their own and paying spectators amusement!!! The fox is corned, the head is ripped off and then the fox is dead!!! And they think this is fun!!

Lets say this was your first hunt – when the fox is killed you would have the foxes blood wiped across your forehead!!! They act like Neanderthals!!! They are the animals !!!

The fox killed could be a mother and its cubs are then left in the wild, no protection, no mother, no food!!!

The hunters argue that in the wild there are a huge population of foxes so they are doing farmers a favour. But the RSPCA say that there are more humane ways of culling and they agree that fox hunting should be banned!!!

The hunters also argue that it gives people jobs as they are employed to look after the dogs and the horses. BUT these people are actually employed all year round by the hunters and not just for the terrible, inhumane, beastly hunts.

Killing for amusement is wrong!!!

Painful death is wrong!!!

There is no justification!!!

Would you want to be the fox???

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21 replies

  1. I live in stag hunting country. They still hunt and kill stags and hinds, bending the law to suit themselves and terrorising the human inhabitants of the countryside too. We opponents have to keep a low profile especially if we have livestock ourselves as some of the followers are not above a little private ‘culling’ to frighten us into silence.

  2. I hunt.

    I take my horses every saturday morning…

    Did you hear about the fox that got into a house not long ago and ripped the face off a baby?? And another fox that got into a flat in london and killed a set of twins?? And did you know that a fox will break into a chicken coop, kill all the chickens but only take 1 for food?? THEY kill for fun. . .

    The townies that say “it’s wrong” “the poor fox” have clearly never tried raising geese from eggs on a countryside farm. Earlier this year my geese laid 14 eggs. 12 of them killed by fox’s.

    If you dont like hunting thats fine, not every one has to but dont go round calling hunter’s murders when we’re trying to keep your family in the towns safe from diseased pests!

  3. Well done Nathan! It’s great to see a young person standing up and speaking out for animals!

    As for the comment, posted anonymously…. All I will say is that I come from a farming family and I have lost chickens to the fox too…I’ve been invited to join a hunt, as I ride…but, I would NEVER condone cruelty which fox hunting definitely is… undoubtedly…And I know a lot of farmers who feel the same too!!

    Human error is largely to blame for foxes taking hens…. It was dreadful what happened to the babies but, again, human error was involved…

  4. Close yours eyes,

    Imagine lying, suffering in your earth,

    Lying there for days because you cannot move,

    You are starving, in agony, close to death,

    You have lived three years but now your time is up; you are sick and cannot go out to hunt.

    Illness eating you away!

    You look down at your gangrenous leg,

    This is your last sight – maggots devouring your flesh!!!

    Open your eyes. Was that terrible?

    Would you rather have been killed swiftly by the hounds when you were still fit? Just possibly!!!

    PS The dead fox in the photo is conspicuously not ‘ripped apart’.

  5. Try changing a few words of that poem – and write it from the rabbit’s point of view, being hunted by the fox. Still as moving? Still as poignant? Bit of a cleft stick, there, isn’t it?

    Now, most antis would fob this off by saying “Oh, but that’s natural…” as if, by being “natural”, suffering somehow magically stopped being suffering – but you are a vet. You know better than that. Suffering is suffering is suffering; whatever the cause.

    Hunts killed around 20,000 foxes a year. If each of those foxes killed just one rabbit per week, that’s over a million rabbits a year going through what you apparently think is so unacceptable for foxes to go through. Save 20,000 foxes, kill a million rabbits in exactly the same way. Not quite such a good deal, is it, when you have to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions?

    I remember awhile ago being on a TV debate with one of the Lady Vets from “Vets In Practice” who came up with the following, so-she-thought, unbeatable argument against hunting: If a client brought a sick dog in to her surgery to be euthanased and she said “ok, you start it running and I’ll go and get the hounds”, the client would be horrified and she would be struck off. Therefore hunting must be wrong. Q.E.D.

    But it’s not actually as easy as that, is it? Foxes in the wild don’t die in vets’ surgeries. They don’t die in bed surrounded by their loved ones. Foxes in the wild die of disease, injury, infection, starvation or cold – or most likely a combination of several of the above. And those are all deaths that involve a great deal of suffering over several days or even weeks. Deaths that you would consider it totally unacceptable to put a domesticated animal through.

    So, the true comparison to Ms. Vets-In-Practice’s example is for someone to bring a sick dog into your surgery to be euthanased and for you to say “Oh, don’t worry about that. Just take it up the road and dump it in the ditch. It’ll be dead in a few days, a week at most.” How quickly would you be struck off?

    So the next thing most antis will then say is: “Well, if you must kill a fox, why not shoot it?” Well, quite apart from going into the usual debate about the fact that shooters sometimes wound (and how long does it takes wounded foxes to die?) whereas with hounds it can only be kill or complete escape; the crucial point is that, because we are not trying to eradicate foxes, we are, in fact, carrying out a cull.

    You are a qualified vet. You know as well as I do that culling of a population, whether wild or domesticated, should be done selectively if it is to be for the greatest benefit to the species. I presume that you are not going to try to dispute that. Shooting foxes, especially with lamps at night, is not in any way selective. Hunting with dogs is by its very nature naturally selective.

    You claim in your “about” section to “always put the animal first”. If that is the case, I suggest you jump off the band-waggon and consider the welfare effects of not-hunting as closely as you consider the effects of hunting. I think you will reach a surprising conclusion. Will you have the courage to voice it; that is the question?

  6. Dear Nathan – well done for speaking out through your poem. It’s strange how the young have a clarity and wisdom which so many adults seem to lack. I notice you have attracted some comments from advocates of the cruel ‘sport’ of fox-hunting. Don’t be put off – there are a few people who waste their lives desperately trying to hold on to their right to torture and kill for pleasure. It is so laughable to see these people who delight in cruelty pretending that they care about the welfare of the animals. If they are so sure that the foxes would rather be violently killed in their prime, the logical thing is of course for them to volunteer to be murdered using packs of dogs early in life too. Stick to your beliefs, Matthew … you have thousands of people out here who know you are right. The cruelty must stop.

    Very best wishes – Brian May.

  7. By the way, Mr “Anonymous’ – you are absolutely and completely wrong. There is no case in recorded history of a fox killing a human being, baby, child or otherwise. There are dozens of cases of children being killed by their pet dogs every year. If you knew foxes, you’d know they are timid, sensitive, intelligent, and delightful creatures. Like us humans, they need to eat. Given the chance, foxes will always bury the food they cannot immediately eat, for use later on. So this makes them deserving of being hunted and killed ? Think again, Mr Anonymous. No – only humans kill animals they cannot eat, for fun. Only sick humans. The cruelty must stop.

  8. Hi im the author Nathan.

    Thank you to everyone who commented positivity on my poem. For those who did not, your comments did not change my mind in any way and made me realise even more how ridiculous the other side of the argument is.

    P.S. Brian May you rock!!! I love We Will Rock You!!!

  9. I think it is very sad that you are not able to consider another viewpoint in this debate, if you cannot engage with the points raised by the other side then you will never ever be able to form coherent arguments in favour of your side of the argument.

  10. He goes to my school. His speech was brilliant in English-worthy of an A+. You gave the whole class the feel of that final moment of the fox’s life. And yes, foxes may kill other animals or in some rare cases, humans but that is their animal instinct, they don’t know they are doing any wrong. We are clever enough to be able to tell the difference between what is right or wrong-in this case the hunting is wrong.
    Well done again Nathan!

  11. You pro hunters should be ashamed of yourselves. Jumping on a 12 year old for having a point of view on a matter. Pathetic. Hunting is wrong. There is no excuse for it and you know it. You know you’re backed into the corner on the issue so thats why you lash out at anyone who dares to say its wrong. You honestly make me laugh when you say foxes kill for fun, such a hypocritical thing to say. Look in the mirror, thats the only creature that kills for fun.
    Well done Nathan, don’t let these small people get to you. They’ve lost the fight and are just bitter. Keep up the good work!

  12. Powerful poem, Nathan. You’re definitely right. I think we all should try to see it from others’ perspective. The foxes haven’t asked for this, and killing for fun is just so horrible.

    And as Brian said, it’s more common that pet dogs attack children. I’ve never heard of a fox attack, but a dozen about dogs.

    Why not just giving the beautiful animals a chance?

    Once again, amazing poem!

  13. Brilliant, Nathan,your words are a powerful insight into what it must feel like to be in the horrendous position of a fox…
    or any animal being chased and persecuted.
    Keep writing, you have insight, well thought out. Hope your words touch more hearts out there.

  14. hunters are to close to the trees to see the forest fox hunting is a despicable act and is pure evil. (detested sport that owes its pleasures to another’s pain quote william cowper) (a man who can in cold blood torture and kill a poor innocent animal cannot feel much compassion for the distresses of hes own species quote frederick ll )we need more people like you nathan keep up the good work and spread the word to the world

  15. How can you blame a fox for being a fox? Do foxes know right from wrong? All this anti-fox arguments that say that a fox will kill all the chickens is pathetic. How can one judge another animal behaviour Think I’d prefer a huntsman to admit he gains pleasure from hunting foxes. Personally i would not partake in a hunt as would not gain pleasure from witnessing such an act.

  16. i hunt in the states. if you are reading this u probably think i am with hunting. but i am not. killing the fox is cruel they should never have to suffer like that. here, we chase the fox, and once its in the hole, we let it be. i know some of you may think that we are causing the fox trouble and panic with all the dogs chaseing it, and i know thats true. we hunt with only 2 or 3 hounds and they are trained not to kill the fox if they do reach it. Hunting is a terrible sport. It makes animals suffer which they never should have to. when fox hunting was banned in england for a year, the population difference was not much. We should all work together to stop all those animals being tortured.

  17. I have never been pro hunting – until this morning.. My home backs onto an allotment nd a river – plenty of wild ducks.. My sister had(please notice the use of the past tense there) 3 pet ducks until 2 foxes chewed through the pen and killed all 3… Im considering looking into legal snares, traps and poisons.. Foxes are nothing more than evil vermin that carry disease…… They are getting more brazen – coming into peoples homes – its just a shame my dog wasnt in the garden – I would have let her loose on the little buggers…….

  18. Fox Hunting began as pest control. As has been noted by previous comments it still is used as pest control as well as for sport. When Hunters hunt, they kill it without torturing it. Torture taking on the meaning of prolonging pain.

    The fear a fox feels from being chased by hunters or dogs is similar to the fear it gets from being chased by wild animals. The fox, like all animals, is used to the adrenaline rush of a fight or flight mode.

    Since banning fox hunting for a year in England did not result in much of a population change it follows that hunters and dogs are not the only things hunting foxes.

    Hunting, like all activities, is based on how someone does it. If they hunt sadistically to torture the animal then yes they are being cruel, need to stop and should really evaluate their morals.

    Hunting for population control, sport and not cruel sport as mentioned, and defense of property is justified, fun and dutifully right, respectively.

  19. Nathan, when i read your poem i completly understand where you are coming from, using empathy to show people who may not know exactly what a hunt is like what happens to the fox and how it feels.
    Fiends of my family go to hunts with a fox scent being dragged along on a quad bike so that no foxes are hurt.Sometimes, a fox will run out completly by accident and as the hounds are near wild there is no way to stop them.
    I am 13 and i am thinking of joining the hunt just for the pleasure of riding with many other people .That is the case for the majority of people who are in the hunts. It is nothing more that a pleasure ride with friends and to take part in a tradition that has been happening for many years.

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