PUP AID 2010: Not Long Now…

Every now and then an event comes along that is just so Brighton it’s hard to imagine where else in the country it would feel at home.

And as another disappointing summer lacking in local live music festivals in this über-dog-friendly city of ours grinds silently to a halt, it’s no surprise that PUP AID 2010 has been getting tongues – and tails – wagging for a good while now…

PUP AID 2010 is the UK’s first-ever charity boutique music festival and celebrity-judged dog show held at the picturesque Stanmer House in Brighton on Sunday September 19th, and aims to raise awareness about the cruel industry of puppy farming in the UK.


(Graham Franks Photography)

Puppy farms are located in remote areas of the British countryside. They mass-produce sick and unsocialized puppies that are then sold online, from pet shops, free newspapers or even motorway service stations – usually dying shortly after arriving in their shiny new homes or perhaps needing thousands of pounds to fix them instead.

This battery farming of dogs on such a massive scale is purely done for profit and fuelled by greed – and all at the expense of the health and welfare of not just these poorly pups, but also the thousands of poor breeding bitches and stud-dogs too – cruelly mistreated and kept in cold dark barns.

PUP AID 2010 is all about choosing a happy and healthy dog, i.e. adopting from a rescue shelter or responsible breeder.

Puppy farming has been going on in this country for years with no-one able to stop it. By raising awareness as much as possible with live music and dog-loving celebrities we can all help stop the growing demand for these poorly pups and finally end the pain once and for all, thus preventing the suffering of millions of this country’s dogs right now and well into the future.

Supported by both Juice FM and BrightonMusicScene.com, the musical line-up on the day is pretty special – no surprise really when you consider PUP AID 2010 was launched by rock-legend Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher!

‘Champagne Super-Rover’ Liam loves dogs and even signed a classic Epiphone Casino guitar to show his support for PUP AID 2010 accompanied by his wife All Saint Nicole Appleton, TV Vet Marc and their dachshund ‘Ruby Tuesday’ at Gibson Guitars in London last month.


(Gareth Gatrell Photography)

The guitar has since been autographed by more rock legends, including the ‘Modfather’ himself Paul Weller, and will be auctioned on the day to raise funds for Dogs Trust Shoreham, Kennel Club Charitable Trust and Oldies Club – a small charity dedicated to the re-homing of older unwanted dogs.

PUP AID 2010 is a fun day out for every member of the family – especially the four-legged ones – with games, raffles and prizes galore. Dog-loving celebrities judging on the day include soapstars, actors, models and designers, with overwhelming support from all your favourite Brighton boutique brands including Treatment Rooms, Gresham Blake, and The Ginger Dog.

With the ever-popular Scruffts heats (Handsomest Dog, Prettiest Bitch, Child’s Best Friend and Golden Oldie) giving cross-bred mongrels the chance to go through to the grand Scruffts final at Earls Court in November, other fun classes include Most Glamorous Six Legs (owner and dog) as well as Best Stand-up – the dog who can stand-up on their hind-legs the longest judged by Brighton’s top stand-up comedians!

Part of September’s mouth-watering Brighton & Hove Food Festival, PUP AID 2010 caters for all palates as gourmet chefs from Due South prepare healthy and locally-sourced tasty treats for you and your pooch to chow down on.

For those of you that want to practice your singing, there’s dog-themed Karaoke with the top 3 singers going through to the live Rex Factor final on the main stage in front of a panel of celeb judges! As well as the moving parade of rescued ex-breeding bitches, there’ll also be exciting displays by Canine Partners and rare British dog breeds, as well as free training advice, microchipping and Have-a-Go Agility.

With so many people still unaware that puppy farming even exists, prospective puppy-buyers sadly don’t know how to spot the tell-tale signs of when someone is trying to sell a puppy produced in such a cruel way so check out the choosing a puppy tips (below).

So why not come along and support PUP AID 2010 with all your human and canine chums, and you can help make a massive difference for all the UK’s dogs.

PUP AID 2010 Stanmer House, Stanmer Park Brighton. £6 in advance online or £8 on the door. For more information, list of bands and celebrities, and to book your tickets click here.

Checklist for Choosing a Puppy

1. CONSIDER checking out the Dogs Trust and Kennel Club Breed Rescue Directory.

2. ALWAYS contact the Kennel Club first for their list of reliable and reputable Kennel Club Accredited Breeders if you’re considering buying a pedigree dog.

3. ALWAYS do your research into breed, temperament, training and exercise needs, coat-type, size and life expectancy.

4. NEVER buy because you ‘feel sorry’ for the pup – its mother and father are still suffering and will be used again to fill the space you’ve just created.

5. NEVER buy from a pet shop, online or free newspaper ad.

6. ALWAYS ask to see the puppy interacting with its mother.

7. BEWARE of puppy scams – there should be no excuse why the mother isn’t there.

8. BE WARY of multi-breed dealers, many puppy farms and dealers will have more than one breed for sale.

9. BEWARE of dealers/sellers who won’t take the pup back if any problems arise.

10. BE PREPARED to wait and be put on a waiting list. Don’t buy on impulse – a well-bred pup will be happier and healthier in the long term.

11. WALK AWAY if it doesn’t feel right – a responsible breeder will never pressure you into buying a pup.

12. BE PREPARED to be asked as many questions as you’ll ask the breeder – a responsible breeder won’t sell to someone who’s not suited to their breed.

13. LISTEN to advice from responsible breeders – they are experts for that particular breed.

14. SUPPORT PUP AID 2010 to raise awareness about puppy farming and encouraging adopting from rescue and buying puppies from responsible breeders.


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