My Pet Shame: Wednesdays 8pm on Sky1

‘My Pet Shame’ airs its first episode on Wednesday 14th July on Sky1 at 8pm.

It’s my first factual entertainment series in which I co-present with the lovely Joanna Page (Gavin & Stacey, Love Actually) and will look at pets and the excruciatingly embarrassing ailments they often suffer.


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My Pet Shame is very informative, full of facts and pet-care tips for those experienced and first-time pet-owners.

I’ll aim to diagnose and treat each strange, often shameful illness and in turn provide the animals and their owners with a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Joanna Page and I (and a black & white Tegu) on the set of My Pet Shame
Joanna Page and I (and a black & white Tegu) on the set of My Pet Shame

The first episode’s cases include Lulu the barren Bullmastiff, Moog the farting cat, Millie the chewaholic rabbit and Dillon the nervous Dalmation.

Packed with useful training advice and surprising facts, My Pet Shame will help even the seemingly most hopeless of cases, proving that when it comes to your pet, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

For more information please click here.

Beginning Wednesday 14 July at 8pm on Sky1 HD and Sky1


If you would be interested in taking part in a future series of ‘My Pet Shame’ for SKY 1, please send an email with information about yourself and your pet to

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35 replies

  1. I didn’t like the fact that Dillon the nervous Dalmatian was labelled a faker and was ‘working to a plan, a fiendish canine plan’!
    To me, that dog genuinely looked scared and I’m not sure dogs are capable of doing those things mentioned by the behaviourist.
    But that was the opinion of the behaviourist on the programme.

  2. Hi, just wondering which episode the tegu is on? We have 2 tegus so are interested to see what it’s pet shame is, and if it’s similar to the problem our male black and White has experienced?!!

  3. Hey Becky, the tegu episode is episode 5 (Aug 11th I think?), as well as Jasmine the ‘killer’ cat, George the food throwing parrot, Lexi the licking staff and an asbo alpaca. Hope you’re enjoying the show, and thanks for watching!! M.

  4. Hi,will you be having an item on how to stop a parrot or cockatoo from self mutilating.I have a male cockatoo that has got hardly any wing feathers left and looks positively “oven ready”.He is appr. 14 and has had more than one owner.

  5. Hi, i really wanted to contact you about my parrot but couldnt find any other way bar to post on here. I watched the Cockatoo episode to see if it would help but it didnt unfortunatly. I have an amazon who REALLY hates my partner – they used to be best friends but since he worked away for 6 weeks which was well over 2 years ago she hates him. I’m desperate for help as she will have batches of flying to attack him like she is at the moment and she means serious business. I would love for you to contact me so i go into things further with you – im in desperate means. Michelle

  6. can you please help us my wife’s mum & dad there have a cocker spaniel and it keeps eating the door frames and door’s well any wood type thing’s also the wall he even gets out of a cage only tried it once my wife’s dad work’s full time and her mum is part time it is not like he is on his owe for long periods of time he go’s every were with them can you please help thank’s

  7. could u please help me with our cat sophie she is a turtle shell cat and she is evil she wouldnt let you brush her and hates the vets she goes mad at vets she is mean cat at vet she got beware sign in red on computer and she not a lovely cat sometime she is and sometime she aint she has ago at our other cats but they chase her about and we just dont know how to help her

  8. Hey,
    I have 2 pet male rabbits they fight, we have kept them separated since they started fighting, both of them are castrated, even then they fight, Can you please help me ! ?

  9. I am wondering if you can help me with a cat problem I have. I couldn’t find any direct email for your program so came across this instead. I hope you get this and can give me any advice you may have. Our cat (1 of 3) refuses to use the litter tray. We have watched her and she goes to the tray/trays area but does her business outside the tray as it looks to us like she doesn’t want to put her paws in the tray. So she ends up most of the time weeing or pooing. Please help. She is an indoor cat most of the time. Has her own space in the house etc and never goes anywhere else than the tray area. So she knows where to go just won’t use the tray properly! Any ideas? Thanks.

  10. help, iv just bought a cockateil not sure on the sex, but it is only a baby and very tame, how ever it does not like being in the cage and is screaming all the time iv have tried everything i can find on the internet it knows the step up and step down command and it comes to me when i call it the only time it stops screaming is when its giving you a kiss. please help so i stop these headaches.

  11. Hi, I saw ep.5 with Jasmine the killer cat, and she is actually identical to my cat at home. I was just wondering what breed she was as I and my vet have been unable to find out? Thank you 🙂

  12. Hi…Can you please tell me where to buy the lick sticks, mentioned in the episode with lexi the licking dog…my dog does this especially with feet. Although only after he spends 20 mins jumping up at people when they come in. Do you recommend anything for this….many thanks

  13. Hi. I was just wondering if anyone knew when the obesity episode is being aired?? With the hydrotherapy? Or has it already been on as I dot have sky 1! Lol! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  14. hi mark
    I think the show is great i watch it every week the African grey you aried last week is just like mine i have thought it was a male but it was female . she is 10 and a good talker and she has stopped picking food out of her cage because my sister has moved her comuter back in her room
    from Rachael

  15. Hi marc i wanted 2 ask you is it normal for a dog to fart every ten minutes? cause my staff zues farts constuntly and its horriable! he also gets scared wen i put his arnest on or show him his meat he freeze’s? why do you think he does that?

  16. Hi Marc. I need help with my staffy cross. He is 12 months old and poos and wees every night. He has always done it. We have now got him clean during the day but not on a night. If it isnt a poo its a wee. More often than not both. He has a night light, he sleeps in the kitchen with my other staffy. I have changed his food, I have left music on, I have left lights on, we have let him out in the early hours – nothing is making any difference.
    Any suggestions so much appreciated. He is very skinny and very hyper active. He eats more than my other one but just doesnt put weight on

  17. Hi Marc i was wondering if you could help me with my dachshund.
    recently she has this really bad fishy odour, it will happen all the time at any pont. sort of like a fishy fart! i have read that sometimes they will have some discharge when this happens but we have not had any of that! Although she is a bit of a porky saussage. eventhough her stools are not liquidy they are not all that solid either!

  18. Hi Mark, i have an African grey parrot, she is 9 years old. but we have only had her for 2 years. she does not talk very much, is there something i can do to stimulate her talking.

  19. hi mark could you tell me how my 27yr old african grey lays me eggs when it hasnt even been mated i have called him sparky but not had him sexed as i have been told that it is a big risk and dont want to put him through that i can do anything with him but the rest of the family cant he even showers with me if i leave the room he gets very noisy

  20. hi mark or jamie im raymond from glasgow
    i have a male american akita he is 16 months old
    iv tryed to teach him off the lead in a closed fenced park area to come to me command an he does his own thing were its chasing after people to get attention or to fight with other dogs can u giv me advise how to make my dog relise he must come to me is ther any advice you can give me thanks
    and the show is really good

  21. 10:37 pm

    Hey Mark i got 2 dogs kelly age 3 wet herself and katie age 2 barks at guests mia age 3 licks people and sexy age 4 throws his food all over the floor and new year age 5 gets into the cupboard what can i do natalie

  22. hi georgina here

    i was wondering if it is normal for a cat to
    be held like a baby my cat tweety is black and white and loves it when i hold him like a baby im the only one who can do it .
    i ‘ve had him since he was a kitten he is 4 in human years.

    p.s is it normal for a cat to have nightmares

  23. I have a 7 month old english bull terrier boy who will not hold his wee and poo in during the night, his in a crate and still does it,weve brought spray and its not worked,the last time he gets feed is 4pm and the last lot of water put out is 8pm,the back door is open till 11pm so he comes and goes when he wants,and has really bad wind,and his poo is not solid ever,we got him 3 weeks ago as a resure,we also have a fully house trained staffy girl.

  24. Pleases could you help me? I have a house rabbit called Lola, she is 2 years old & house trained she uses a litter tray. She is very clean everywhere in the house, except when she comes into the lounge where she wee’s on my rug! This is really annoying as usually she is very clean. Cean you give me any ideas why she does this, or a solution to this problem.Thank’s.

  25. Could you please help? In one of the most recent episodes seen on TV I saw a rather tubby Jack Russell type dog. My mother has a Jack Russell type dog who also is tubby I have bought him some Iams light and only a occasional treat (some teeth cleaning chews)In this recent episode I saw this Jack Russell taken for a swim, I learnt from this how this will help ‘Sam’ to loose some weight. Where can I find such a place? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.
    Sam weighs 18k

  26. I like your show very much! My dwarf hamster Sugar keeps biting, we’ve tried to train her, by giving her a treat and stroking her with clean hands, but its not really working. When we first had her, she was with another dwarf hamster, but we had to separate them as Sugar kept attacking the other one. We have tried to handle her slowly and carefully for the past 12months but nothing seems to work, please can you help? Thank you Karabella.

  27. hi, i own a Bull Mastiff, he was rescued at the age of 12months, he is now coming up to 3yrs old, he has been newted, i have worked very hard to train him in the 18months that i have owned him. we have two problems that we cannot overcome 1. he suffers with loose stools and really bad wind, it is so bad it causes pain to our noses! 2. if we talk to in a horible tone to him he is an absolute angel when we have to go out but if we are nice and pat on his head and go out, he will urinate on the cooker, the dresser,the stairs and raid the fridge if we forget to put the child lock on. please please can you give us any advice on how to overcome our little problems.

  28. My dog eat’s anything he can get haold of
    he eat’s my soaks pillows shows he even gets
    under the hores fens nexts door

  29. Hello, my cats recently become attached to my boyfriend who regularly stays over… and early mornings are becoming a hassle as she begins to howl for long periods of time untill she sees him then she will stop but as soon as he is gone again she will begin to howl. How could i prevent this?

  30. hi my dog has a sever case of farting, he is a boy and he farts about ever 10-14 minutes. ive tried loads of different food but it is not working. ?

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