Pet Club on ITV This Morning: Wed 16th June 2010

Join me for my Pet Club with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby as we celebrate National Microchipping Month by microchipping a dog, and chatting to an owner who’s just been reunited with his dog over 2 years from being separated!

We’ll also be checking out some of the latest gadgets on the market to keep your pets entertained.

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  1. dear marc please could you give me some advice on a 10 week old male hungarian vizsla who constantly nips the children which is hard enough to break their skin,he is not to bad with me and my husband but seems to be getting no better with children ive smacked his nose,filled a tin with money and shake it at him,and locked him out all to no affect,the children are now walking across the furniture to keep away from him,please could you give me some advice,thankyou loraine

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