Dog-Loving Celebrities & Bands Come Together for PUP AID 2010

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to the stage… PUP AID!!

On Sunday 19 September 2010, Stanmer House near Brighton, will welcome a host of dog-loving celebrities, musicians, sports personalities, comedians, soap stars and bands who will all be giving their support to the UK’s first ever boutique music festival and charity fun dog show.

PUP AID 2010 takes place on this year’s Puppy Farm Awareness Day and is organised by ‘social petworking’ website The event aims to educate the millions of people in the UK who are considering buying a puppy but are unsure who to contact or even what to do next about purchasing one.


PUP AID 2010 will feature a celebrity-judged dog show with fun classes open to dogs of all ages, as well as showcasing the best local bands. There will also be a boutique doggy shopping village, Scruffts heats, assistance dog displays, Rex Factor, gourmet BBQ, and loads of fun for all the family – and of course your dogs too!

Often located in remote areas of our British countryside, Puppy Farms mass-produce puppies. These poor puppies are usually removed from their mothers too early, transported across the country to dealers, who then sell them from the internet, pet shops, free newspapers or even motorway service stations.

Breeding bitches are usually kept in cages or small pens, rarely see daylight or touch grass, and are mated on every heat – just being fed enough to keep them producing pups, with little or no veterinary care at all. co-founders: TV Vet, Marc Abraham, and social media guru, Andrew Seel, want the British public to know the truth about where some puppies come from. They hope that PUPAID will help people understand how to choose a happy and healthy puppy rather than a sick or diseased farmed one.
PUP AID will try and help dog buyers everywhere be aware of the cruelty involved in this side of dog breeding, and hopefully reduce the demand for pups bred in this way. They hope the event will help put a stop to puppy farming in this country.

Tickets for PUP AID 2010 will be available to buy online from 1 August, with a proportion of every admission charge being donated to the local Shoreham Dogs Trust Rescue Centre.

TV Vet Marc Abraham says “A well-bred happy healthy pup is worth waiting for. Sadly, many people let their heart rule their head in the hurry to buy a puppy. They often don’t know what the tell-tale signs of an irresponsible breeder are, so they unwittingly line the pockets of puppy farmers, continuing to fuel this cruel industry.

“These pups are usually cheaper to buy but because they’ve been bred in such poor conditions, they often don’t survive, or live their shortened lives in pain and discomfort. They commonly suffer from fatal health problems like parvovirus and are lacking important socializing sills. This can often cost broken-hearted owners thousands of pounds in veterinary or behavioural treatment to correct. We must end the mass-production of diseased and poorly pups”.

To register for your tickets, keep up-to-date with the line-up, or if you’d like to exhibit, perform or sponsor PUP AID 2010 visit You can also follow @thepetnet on Twitter

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