Compassion in World Farming’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards

I’m thrilled to be co-presenting Compassion in World’s Farming’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards with supermodel Juliet Johns; and host, the Legendary bird enthusiast Bill Oddie, taking place at St Paul’s Cathedral on the 14th of July.

To add to the excitement, Compassion is also launching the first Good Chicken Awards.

A host of celebrities will be lining up to attend the awards including Paul Merrett (Celebrity Chef) and Caroline Bretherton ( Food Writer).

The ceremony will congratulate organisations from three categories, The Good Egg, The Good Chicken and The Supermarket Awards.


Leading actor Richard E. Grant says “Congratulations to all the Compassion in World Farming Good Farm Animal Welfare nominees. The decisions you have made towards better food sourcing are leading the way to better welfare standards for animals. Long may it continue.”

Nominated companies have taken positive steps for farm animal welfare by committing to source either free range eggs by 2012 or free range chicken over the next 5 years. Past award winners include the BBC, Marks & Spencer, and Pret a Manger.

To date, The Good Egg awards have helped benefit over 20 million hens previously kept in barren battery cages, unable to express natural behaviours. By unveiling The Good Chicken Awards, chickens reared for meat can now look forward to the same free range future. The Supermarket Awards congratulate those supermarkets that have chosen to trade in higher farm animal welfare products.

Steve McIvor, Director of Compassion’s Food Business department says: “The awards are a vital tool that allows us to engage and converse with organisations under the banner of recognition and celebration which is a very successful in helping us forge strong relationships.”

For further information on the awards or the Food business programme, please contact Caroline Burkie on 01483 521952 or 07771 926005 (out of office hours) or email


To meet Compassion’s definition of higher farm animal welfare, companies needs to satisfy three criteria to be eligible for an award:

They need to ensure birds are from a lower stocking density (30kg/m2 maximum) than is standard, the birds are of a slower growing breed and if they are raised indoors they need an enriched environment (natural light, straw bales and objects to peck) so that they can carry out their natural behaviour.

Categories include fresh, frozen and further processed or ingredient chicken.

Compassion in World Farming’s food business programme is generously supported by The Tubney Charitable Trust; a grant making charity seeking to support activities that have a long term, sustainable, positive impact on the biodiversity of the UK and on the welfare of farmed animals in the UK and internationally.

About the Good Egg Awards

Compassion in World Farming’s food business team engages with Europe’s leading food companies, inspiring progress through prestigious awards and supporting products and initiatives which represent tangible benefits for farm animals.

Compassion also encourage higher-welfare food purchasing in the public sector.

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