Special pet-free foster home needed for Billy

Oldies Club are appealing for a special pet free foster home with an experienced owner for Billy.

Billy is a lovely little dog who is obedient, good on the lead, and great in the car, but it takes him a while to learn to trust people. He has a bad back, and although he does have medication to help with this, he’s understandably a little protective of it.


Poor Billy gets scared if people rush up, or loom over him, and may nip if he feels he has to defend himself, so he needs a calm, sensible home where he can have his own space and nobody will try to pick him up or push him about. He will need to be muzzled when visiting the vet.

Billy did have some problems with marking in the house, but his toilet training has come on well and he’s usually OK now, so long as he gets out regularly.

Billy is an affectionate dog who loves to be close to you and lie by your feet. He absolutely loves his walks and is always really happy when he’s out. He’s fine in a crate too.

Although Billy likes some other dogs, he can be grumbly with them, and unfortunately while he was in his previous foster home, he became overexcited and bit one of the other dogs quite badly.

He needs an owner who understands that he might bite another dog hard if he gets overexcited or worried, who will be gentle with him, but make sure he doesn’t get himself into trouble.

Oldies Club know that Billy is not the easiest dog to find an owner for, but we’re hoping that somewhere out there is someone who wants to help a dog that’s not one of the easy ones, and will be rewarded with a special relationship with a very special old dog. Billy will have all his bills paid for by the Oldies Club.

If you are able to help Billy, please contact:
Email: rehome@oldies.org.uk
Telephone: 0844 586 8656

Oldies Club website

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