Launch of National Microchipping Month June 2010

I’ll be attending the launch of this year’s National Microchipping Month at London Zoo on June 1st at 10am.

National Microchipping Month is a campaign that encourages and promotes responsible pet ownership through microchipping as the preferred method of permanent pet identification.

Lost, stolen or strayed, having your pet microchipped can be the only guaranteed method of identifying your pet giving him or her their best chance of being reunited with yourself.

And now with increasing problems like puppy farming and dog fighting, added traceability of every dog in the UK will no doubt help to try to combat such cruel practices.

The best way to get involved is of course by getting your pet microchipped if it’s not already, or, if you’re a vet, even by organising a National Microchipping Month event of your own?

For more information about National Microchipping Month click here.


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