Checklist for Buying a Pedigree Puppy

If you’re dead-set on buying a pedigree puppy and you’ve already considered visiting your local rescue shelter and adopting a dog then please ensure you don’t fall into the trap of buying a puppy bred on a cruel puppy farm.

By following these simple points it’s likely that you will purchase a well-bred happy and healthy pup:

• CONSIDER checking out the Kennel Club Breed Rescue Directory.
• ALWAYS contact the Kennel Club first for their list of responsible breeders, e.g. those who are members of Accredited Breeders Scheme
• ALWAYS do your research into breed, temperament, training and exercise needs, coat-type, size and life-expectancy.
• NEVER buy cos you ‘feel sorry’ for the pup – its mother and father are still suffering and will be used again to fill the space you’ve just created.
• NEVER buy from a pet shop, online or free newspaper ad.
• ALWAYS ask to see the puppy interacting with it’s mother.
• BEWARE of puppy scams – there should be no excuse why the mother isn’t there.
• BEWARE of multi-breed dealers, many puppy farms and dealers will have more than one breed for sale.
• BE WARY of dealers/sellers who won’t take the pup back if any problems arise.
• BE PREPARED to wait and don’t buy on impulse – a well-bred pup will be happier and healthier in the long term.
• WALK AWAY if it doesn’t feel right – a responsible breeder will never pressure you into buying a pup.
• BE PREPARED to be asked as many questions as you’ll ask the breeder – a responsible breeder won’t sell to someone who’s not suited to their breed.
• LISTEN to advice from responsible breeders – they are experts for that particular breed.
• SUPPORT PUP AID music festival & fun dog show to raise awareness about puppy farming and encouraging adopting from rescue and buying puppies from responsible breeders.


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  1. Please be aware that the ‘ Fashionable’ cross breeds, such as ‘Cockapoos’ ‘Pugaliers’ ‘Doodles’ ‘Sporollies’ and any mixture given a silly name are also bred at Puppy Farms, not just ‘Pedigree’ Dogs. Fetching equally high prices, with exactly the same health issues.

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