Congratulations to S.O.F.A. Group!!

As the very proud patron of Speaking Out for the Animals (S.O.F.A.) Group I’m delighted to inform you that they have just smashed the 10,000 signatures mark on their online petition to have compulsory microchipping made law in the UK.

This would not only help with lost/stolen pet unification and relieve overflowing rescue shelters, but also add an element of traceability to responsible dog ownership – an important step in the fight against puppy farming and dog fighting/status dogs in this country.

S.O.F.A. are a group of school pupils who adore animals and their welfare so much they decided to do something constructive about it – all under the matriarchal leadership of teacher Sue Cole – definitely one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.

As well as canvassing for local signatures in their Norwich hometown, the girls have also been busy on the road talking to the dog-loving public at massive events like Discover Dogs, DFS Crufts and Puppy Farming Awareness Day 2009 too.

I also had the pleasure of joining S.O.F.A at Parliament last year (see pic below) when they successfully managed to get an Early Day Motion tabled as well!

The next milestone is 16,000 and then S.O.F.A can hand deliver them to the Prime Minister, whoever that’ll be!!?

And if you know of anyone who can help S.O.F.A promote the petition even more, please forward this link

Many thanks to everyone who’s already signed, supported and been a part of this fantastic journey so far. As Sue Cole quite rightly says, “Unity is definitely strength!”

Sign the Petition Here

For more info visit S.O.F.A. Website

SOFA and me at Parliament 2009
SOFA and me at Parliament 2009
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