Response to Potential New Dog Laws

With the headlines on every news channel yesterday talking of the government’s proposals to introduce compulsory microchipping and 3rd party insurance for ALL dog owners, it seems that everyone’s talking about dogs!

Personally I think compulsory microchipping is essential and should always be done before a pup leaves it’s breeder. That way every dog has a lifetime passport so that it can be traced back to it’s souce if necessary. A perfect step forward in the fight against puppy farming.

Practically, and writing with my ’emergency vet’ head on , if every stray/lost dog injured in a road accident or found wandering the streets was chipped it would make life so much easier for the dog and it’s owner to be reunited.

Chipping is not only inexpensive, but also relatively pain-free and with dog-theft on the rise, possibly the only way of getting a dog and owner back together again, as collars and tags frequently break in accidents or get removed by theives.

Insurance-wise this is also a good idea. Most policies include 3rd party insurance anyway, and also cover the majority of illnesses and treatments are covered for your dog’s life.

Most savvy dog-owners will already consider microchipping and insurance as givens, as they form an integral part of responsible dog ownership along with training, feeding, exercise, vaccination, worming, flea control and picking up poo.

As for certain breeds being ‘worse’ than others, this is definitely not the case as it’s mainly down to the owner/handler and degree of socialization that individual dog has grown-up with as a pup. 

The more varied experiences a puppy has between 3 and 12 weeks of age (e.g. men, beards, hats, children, sounds, etc), the more likely it will be able to adapt this inbuilt social-template to a whole life ahead full of varied and exciting visual and aural encounters.

Basic obedience training should also be compulsory so we can all work towards a day where dogs only get good press and not bad.

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  1. I do agree with all you suggest except insurance. It is a very good idea if you can afford it. There’s a lot of only best friends owned by a lot of O.A.P,’s that would find insuring their companion a financial burdon.

  2. i would like you to tell me why should myself and other responsible dog owners should pay out £500 or more for some stupid irresponsible no brainers who treat their dogs as status symbols, its how you bring them up, like children, is how they behave.. why dosent this government look at more important issues and not try and screw more money out of the people who voted them in..enough is enough

  3. The SOFA Club definitely agrees with compulsory microchipping and has been campaigning for it for two years now.

    Responsible owners will always do the right thing by their dogs and will happily have them chipped for many reasons; it’s the other owners that are the real problem.

    I am convinced that microchipping of dogs will be compulsory but, as with any law, it is only any good if it is properly enforced.

  4. I think compulsory microchipping or eye tatooing is the way forward and as a exhibitor and occassional breeder support this for all owners.

    Unfortunatley the third party insurance is however, going to be expense and a problem to police. The people who already have and own vicious dogs obviously dont care about them anyway so will they insure! They dont bother with car insurance and tax so why bother with the dog.

    Yet again its the responsible dog owner who will end up footing the bill. I think that we need to get to the real issue that we need to restrict how many puppies LICENCED breeders should produce afterall they can churn puppies out all year. A good breeder has one, two or three a year.

  5. I agree with the comments regarding how the dog is brought up rather than the breed and would not trust any dog 100%.

    But I disagree with the compulsory insurance although micro-chipping is a good idea. Why should the responsible be hit yet again for the actions of the irresponsible. These people will just flout the law.

    My own dog is nearly 13yrs old, with not many teeth left, spends most of her time on the sofa and when she does go out she lags behind and you almost have to pull her along rather than her pull you. Does she pose a threat to any one? – I don’t think so!!

  6. myself…im all for microchipping, if my dog got lost or stolen the chances of getting her back would be very high..b ut to have some sort of asbo for a dog!!!!, and to pay out all that money for the insurence, dogs bark..and if your neighbour didnt like it you will be reported for it, are the police going to enforce this stupid idea, id rather them try to fight crime or whatever they do.there will be a lot of strays about if this gets into law, and a lot of dogs put down,,,i dont want that..

  7. I was walking down the street the other day following a 2hr walk with my Husky’s. only to come across a small pug-like, off lead running upto and barking at my 2, the attacking ! My main dog rustled the little- S___ to the groun. I pulled him off, whilst the little S___ then attacked my (Pregnant) Bitch biting her on the mouth !

    The owner was pushing a pushchair, child walking alongside and dog off lead….. Yet if my dog hd damaged her’s am I responsible ? As she then verbally attacked me ! 6ft3, 17st…… Unbelievable……
    BTW My dogs (as a responsible pet owner) Trained, Insured, Microchipped and on lead in public areas….

    Alan – Disgruntled and in a severe mood !

  8. i totally agree with the comment about the dog behaves how it was brought up. What was really annoying was that Sky used a rottweiler and a greman shepherd to advertise the dangerous dogs. I have got a 5 year old german shepherd and a 9 month old Rotti who are very soft and human friendly.
    why cant the TV change there stereotypes!!!

  9. i got a staffi, and she is the most loving, soft, intelegent dog, and not this nasty,snarling dog that people who dont keep dogs think that they r like,i work away and on sunday nights she sulks all night because she knows im going away on monday morning..its how you treat them and not the breed..really sick of this thing aginst dogs from people who dont know a thing about them.

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