Please Welcome to the Stage… PUP AID!!

PUP AID is my unique Puppy Farm Awareness Day charity event for Summer 2010; a mini-boutique music festival and fun dog show to be held in the beautiful grounds of Stanmer House near Brighton on Sunday 19th September.

Drawing on the success of last year’s inaugural event, PUP AID 2010 will feature another celebrity-judged fun dog show, as well as the best local bands, doggy displays (incl. Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs), Rex Factor Final, Gourmet Bar-B-Q (for humans & dogs), and loads of fun for all the family – and of course all of your dogs too.


So what is a Puppy Farming?

Puppy Farming is an incredibly cruel industry that basically battery-farms dogs on a massive scale purely for profit and at the expense of the health and welfare of not only the puppies, but the breeding bitches and stud-dogs too.

Hundreds of thousands of these poor bitches and studs are kept in the dark and endlessly mated to mass-produce pups that are sick, diseased and unsocialized. They are fed just enough to keep them alive so they can produce more pups, are not treated for painful conditions like mammary tumours or conjunctivitis, or given any preventative medications like vaccinations, or even flea/worm treatments.

These poorly puppies are then sold online, in pet shops and from free newspaper adverts, while their mothers and fathers continue to suffer in pain – both mentally and physically.

Pups bred in this despicable manner are separated from their mothers too early, and often die being transported the long distances cross-country to their dealers. Most that make it have life-threatening medical or behavioural conditions that may cost thousands of pounds to put right , all resulting in heartbreak for their new homes and families too.

Unfortunately so many dog owners are still not aware goes on – and even fewer know how to spot the tell-tale signs of when someone is trying to sell them a puppy produced in this cruel heartless way.

So following on from last year’s Puppy Farm Awareness Day in Sept 2009 I’m continuing to campaign against puppy farming in the UK.

A bigger event with more dog-loving celebs means more publicity of course, and as a result the more aware the British dog-buying population will be of what’s going on – and more importantly – what they must look out for when searching for a new dog, i.e. always see with mother, finding a responsible breeder, or perhaps consider adopting a rescue dog instead.

There will be an admission charge to PUP AID 2010 with a proportion donated to the local Dog’s Trust (Shoreham Branch) dog shelter.


PUP AID will try and help dog buyers everywhere be aware of how nasty this side of dog breeding is, and hopefully reduce the demand for pups bred in this way and as a result help put a stop to puppy farming in this country.

PUP AID will be gaining heaps of publicity as big-name dog-loving celebs attending including soap stars, actors, musicians, comedians, politicians and sports personalities. Some of the celebs, bands and musicians have already confirmed and we can’t believe how lucky we are to have their support!!

My Do’s and Don’ts for Buying a Pedigree Puppy

Pre-launch, PUP AID has already gained massive support from:

Kennel Club
Dog’s Trust
Gibson Guitars
Be Puppy Farm Aware
Natural Instinct
Treatment Rooms
Gresham Blake
Due South Restaurant
Penflick Studios
D&C Artists
Guide Dogs
Hearing Dogs
The Royal Sovereign Pub

PUP AID 2010 tickets will be on sale from 1st August 2010.

For tickets, info, to perform/exhibit at PUP AID please click here, and why not join our Facebook PUP AID event too?

Stanmer House
Stanmer House
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  1. We at Pet Friendly Rentals are looking forward to receiving more information and updates regarding this awareness campaign. Pup Aid is a great idea, puppy farmed dogs should be stopped. Anyone selling puppies should be registered and the public should be made more aware of best practices when looking for a puppy. We shall try to be there on the day. Regards Pet Friendly Rentals

  2. We at PawTrax are looking forward to attending PuP Aid 2010.

    We will be having a stand at the event where we will be raising awareness of our lost and found website and also our GPS Dog Tracker – The PATmicro.

    We will also be trying to raise much needed funds for Lurcher SOS.

    Pop by and say hello and meet our rescue Lurcher – Lewis

  3. I can’t wait for Pup Aid!
    I’m bringing my Staffie and we can wait to compete in the shows.

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