On the Sofa at DFS Crufts with… Me!!

With DFS Crufts starting this Thursday I’d like to tell you a bit about what I’ll be upto every day on my ThePet.net stand, situated in Hall 1, Stand 59 (right opposite the main entrance).

Continuing with the whole DFS sofa theme, my business partner Andy and I have teamed-up with über-cool and trendy healthy doggy food dudes Natural Instinct who have very generously agreed to sponsor our stand:


I’ll be conducting a number of 2 minute interviews with all types of people in the dog world; from charities to breeders, groomers to judges, and celebrities to members of the dog-loving public.

The theme will be ‘Getting a Dog’ and we hope to highlight and address some of the issues surrounding puppy farming and also promoting responsible pet ownership. These short clips will then be edited immediately on the stand, uploaded onto YouTube and blogged/tweeted out online!!

So if you or your brand/business would like to be on the sofa with me then please come over and say “Hi”…


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