Oldies Club Vet Bill Appeal

Oldies Club is dedicated to the rescuing, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs aged 7 and upwards. Sometimes they take on dogs and because of the physical or emotional damage they have suffered, or due to terminal illness – cannot be rehomed.

Until recently these cases were quite rare but in the last few months they’ve been hit pretty hard. Their sponsor dog number currently stands at 14 and due to this our vets bills have gone through the roof. For one recent arrival who sadly has cancer in March they received a bill for just under £600. She will require more treatment for the rest of her life in their care.

As Oldies Club endeavour to provide long-term foster placements with experienced carers who will ensure these oldies know a loving, secure home for their final months or years and cover all their veterinary bills they are sadly having to reduce top amount of dogs they can take in. Their waiting list is sadly growing with lots of urgent cases who they cannot currently help due to lack of funds.

Ways you Can Help

· Arrange a local dogwalk

· Get yourself sponsored for something

· Run an Oldies Club stall at local dog show or other event

· Run a ‘Meet & Greet’ stall at your local pet shop

· Hold a coffee morning or a party in aid of the Oldies Club

· Organise a plant sale

· Run an Oldies Club stall at a car boot sale

· Could you make things such as cards or pottery to sell on their behalf?

· Support their recycling schemes for old mobile phones, printer cartridges and used stamps. Could you set up a collection point for any of these at work or at your local school or hospital? Or join your local Freecycle group and ask for donations of these items?

· Use Easyfundraising when purchasing items on the internet. Over 2000 of the Uk’s best retailers have joined us.

· Purchase items through one of our affiliate schemes such at VetUK

· Purchase Oldies Club merchanise to help spread the world.

· Sponsor an Oldie

· Donate direct to Oldies Club


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