Vets remind Owners to protect their Pets before the Summer Holidays

(BVA Release) It may seem like a never-ending winter in the UK, but vets are already looking forward to summer and reminding pet owners to find out about the requirements for taking their pets abroad in plenty of time.

As the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) reaches its 10th anniversary on 28th February 2010, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) are advising pet owners to talk to their vets about the vaccinations and other treatments their animals will need to travel overseas and return to the UK.

BVA and BSAVA are also promoting the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation (BVA AWF) leaflet ‘Taking your pets abroad’, which provides useful advice and guidance for pet owners on the preventive action they need to take to protect their pets from various diseases.

The UK, Ireland and three other Members States currently impose stricter rules on the entry of pets than the rest of the EU to protect against rabies, ticks and tapeworms.

The European Parliament is currently discussing the future of PETS and the harmonisation of rules across the EU. BVA and BSAVA are working closely with Defra to secure the best possible arrangements for the UK once the transitional arrangements come to an end.

Commenting, Professor Bill Reilly, President of the BVA, said:

“The Pet Travel Scheme affords the UK’s animal and human populations vital protection against rabies, ticks and tapeworms and the veterinary profession plays an important role in promoting the Scheme.

“The BVA and BSAVA are working closely with Defra and colleagues in Europe to ensure the UK’s continued rabies-free status.”

Dr Richard Dixon, BSAVA President, added:

“It’s crucial that pet owners get the right information about vaccinations long before they are due to travel.

“Pet owners should talk to their vet about how best to protect their animal from diseases and parasites when abroad.”

BVA pet travel poster
BVA pet travel poster


1. The BVA launched a pet travel poster campaign in September 2009. The poster was distributed to veterinary surgeons free via The Veterinary Record.

2. The BVA AWF leaflet ‘Taking your pets abroad’ is available to download here and free hard copies are available from (there is a charge for postage).

3. For more information about the Pet Travel Scheme click here.

4. For more information, including high resolution images, please contact the BVA Media Office on 020 7908 6340 or

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