Puppy Farming Ireland: Farmers Promote their Trade on National TV

Very interesting clip from national TV in Ireland in which puppy farmers openly discuss how they farm dogs:

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  1. I live in ireland, and its a horrific trade, There are known puppy farms, the police know them, but for some reason they are not shut down,it seems there is not enough evidence! how much evidence do you need, most of them are starving, in dreadful conditions, never see daylight, and are bred from, twice a year, with no rest,and sell for huge prices.
    There should be a ban on all breeding of dogs except a very few kennel club registered breeders, there are too many dogs/cats unwanted, people throwing them out when they tire of them.
    It should be made law, all over europe so as to stop importing them from the continent! if the public stopped buying dogs from farms they would cease to do business, unfortunatly there is a more sinister problem,as a lot are breeding for dog fighting which is rife in this country, along with badger baiting and other unsavory persuits. wake up goverment and do some job properly, close all the farms down, NOW.

  2. Thanks Marc for linking this. One of the depressing aspects of this video is that the Puppy Farmers have “tame” vets who support their trade.

    The problem with cruelty prosecution is that it is a matter of degree. You have to prove substantial suffering or that conditions are inadequate.

    Again a lot of this is down to Vets (sorry Marc) in that Vet evidence is needed to secure a conviction.

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