One boy’s dream to help more stray dogs

When 10 year old Charlie saw an opportunity to raise funds for stray dogs in the UK he instantly took up the challenge of a sponsored 1.5k run. Charlie has two rescue dogs of his own and knows that other rescue dogs can also find the loving homes they deserve if only they are given the chance.

Being one of the youngest supporters of Doris Banham Dog Rescue ( a UK Charity: 1103372 ) Charlie knows that every pound he raises will be spent by the charity on rescuing pounds dogs and finding them a loving home.


Charlie’s biggest fear is not being concerned about what the weather will be like during his run or how hard the run may be. His biggest fear is that his efforts will not raise much money, he wants his run to help as many dogs as he can to help fulfill his dream to help many more stray dogs during his life.

Charlie’s only indicator of how much support he is receiving is through the ‘Just Giving’ link that is collecting his sponsorship and as he looks at that each day this will be his view of whether others care for the stray dogs that he loves so much.

If you share Charlie’s dream to help more stray dogs and would like to encourage this 10 year old boy’s efforts please visit the link below and tell him he is doing a wonderful thing by sponsoring him.

On the 21st March 2010 a 10 year old boy named Charlie will be running for the lives of stray dogs. How many of us will be behind him supporting and encouraging, will he see your name on his sponsor list, will he see your words of encouragement for what he is doing ?

Click here to visit Charlie’s Just Giving sponsorship page.

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  1. Good luck Charlie, you deserve to raise lots of money with your sponsored run.

    More young people need to take note of Charlie’s good heart and learn to respect and care for animals as much as he does.

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